19 April 2013

What Does FIT Mean?

My name is Aly and I'm an emotional eater.
I hate saying it, but it's true. Each time I say it, it get's a little bit easier.  I've yo-yo'd for long enough, my friends. The smallest I've ever been in my adult life was 181, and that was when I was counting all my calories and working out 5 - 6 days a week.  I hit a plateau and I hated it and I didn't give it time and so I figured it wasn't working and I gained it all back.

Then I got down to 190 and I stayed there for a while, but then I gained it back.

Then I got down to 193 and I stayed there for a while, but again, I gained it all back.  And that is where I stand today folks.  I'm back up there (I'm terrified to weigh in because I know the scale is going to say 213 or 215 and I really don't want to see those numbers), but I just have to lose it. I can't live like this anymore.  I need the change - not just so I can wear cute clothes, but so I can live a full life!  I'm tired of my weight holding me back.

Because of my weight I'm self conscious - in all aspects of my life.  In my writing, in my work, in my clothing, in the bedroom. I hate it, and it has to change.

So here we go, let's try this again, huh?  Something has to be said for my ability to keep getting back up after I fall down, but this has to be the last time I fall down.  I'm going to be 30 in a few year and I REFUSE to go to 30 as an overweight individual.  I will be a healthy weight and BMI and, damnit, it will happen before I'm 30!

First: I'm giving up all soda and soda-like energy drinks.  They're sweet and carbonated (2 of my favorite things) and so very bad.  Plus I've noticed when I have a soda or a Monster I eat more, and not healthy choices either.  So I'm cutting them out of my diet for good! Cold turkey, baby, lets do this!

Second: I'm switching to tea as much as I can, and reserving coffee (which I love) for a once or twice a week treat.  If I'm too dependent on caffeine I can't get up in the AM to save my life.  I am naturally a morning person, and being dependent on caffeine messes up my internal clock.  Plus, my favorite coffee drink (soy misto!) has 170 unnecessary calories.

Third: I'm counting all my calories and planning my meals.  If it goes in my mouth, it goes in my tracker.  This way I can keep an eye on how I'm eating and when I'm more prone to overeating and why.  I go through phases where I'm good at this then deplorably bad at it, but I have to be on point.

Fourth: I'm going to actually work out.  I'm so bad about this - I'll put it off and put it off and then it will be 9PM and I'll be all "Too bad, bed time!"  I hate getting up in the morning and working out, but that's what I need to do!  I just need to suck it up and enforce some willpower and discipline on my life.

The workout plan:
3 days a week strength training + cardio for a total of 45 minutes (15 + 30)
1 - 2 days a week cardio for a total of 45 - 60 mintues 

Here's my problem: I hate getting up in the morning to workout at first - once I get in the swing of it I'm fine, but getting in the swing is SO. HARD.  And if I wait until after work I risk talking myself out of it or being "too tired" to do anything or put much effort into it.  The most fun I had working out was when I attended a Bootcamp in town on a groupon, but I can't afford to attend the classes without the groupon (since it's $300 a month! ouch!).  I loved that bootcamp (Zone Athletic Performance) and I would have kept going if I had the money.  Without question.  But I have to do it myself because I don't have that kind of money lying around.

So here's what I'm going to try to do: one day a week I'm going to get up early and go workout before work.  Then the other 2 days I'll workout after work. Slowly I'll start to transition to 3 days a week getting up early and working out before work.  I'm thinking M/W/F.  I'll spend 15 minutes doing a strength training circuit, and each day will focus on a different group of muscles, and then 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical.   One thing I'm good at is learning a lot about a subject I'm interested in, like fitness and weight loss.  Applying it is a little bit different but I'm prepared to do that.

The 2 cardio days will be S/S and those days will be some kind of "fun" cardio.  I love to hike and I don't have a problem getting up early to do that, so one day I'll probably get up early and go for a hike - which is easily over an hour and hundreds of calories.  I can only do that for so long before it starts to get too hot (darn Arizona weather), but as long as I go early enough it shouldn't be a problem.  The other day I'll go for an hour long bike ride or an hour long jog or something similar. Even an hour long walk will count, as long as I'm moving my body.

I'm not going to "plan" other fitness events, but I won't let them stop me from my schedule, either.  Like if my BFF wants to go roller skating one night, I won't say no just because I'm too tired, I'll just need to make sure I get my planned workout in that morning.

The easiest way for me to ensure that I'm getting my workouts in is to get up and do them early - that way I can't make the "I'm too tired" excuse later in the day or the "I'm too busy" excuse or the "but now I have plans" excuse.  I'm really good at coming up with excuses - not as good as my boyfriend, but still, pretty good.  (haha - love you hunny!)

This is going to get challenging, because I'm also working towards another lifelong goal of mine: to become an author.  I plan to self publish, and I know I have a long road a head of me before that can happen.  It takes some authors many years to get their first book out, and I expect that will be a similar story for me - I want it to be perfect.  I prefer to write in the afternoon/evening, which is more of a motivation to do my workouts early in the day.  I can't skip my workouts for my writing though - and vice versa.  I need to be able to balance them, which will be a challenge at first but I feel like I'm up for it.

I also need to be better about tracking my food and planning my meals.  I've had a really loose approach to it lately, letting myself underestimate the foods that I'm eating.  I know that they have more calories, but who am I to argue with my app, right?  Wrong.  I need to be specific. I need to measure and I need to plan.  I have always been the most successful when I have planned my nutrition and my workouts. I know that in order to be successful again I need to do both and stick to the plan, no matter what kinds of excuses I want to make for myself.  Excuses are not a valid life choice for me.

Overall, I know that it will be hard at first.  Getting back in the swing always is.  I will hate counting my calories and planning my meals because it takes extra time out of my life when I could be reading or writing or playing a game.  I will hate getting up early to do my workouts because I just want to sleep and make excuses.  I will be sore and I will be tired and it will be an adjustment.  I know it's an adjustment that I need to make, and NOW, so that I can live a happy life.  

I know that I will never be one of those people who doesn't have to workout to maintain.  I know I will never be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound.  I know I will never be one of those people who doesn't have to count their calories or keep an eye on their emotions when they're eating.  I get it, and I can deal with it, I just have to start now and wrangle it now, so I'm not 30 years old and obese and unhappy.

Fitness + Inspiration = Transformation.

Stay Shiny!

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