06 February 2013

Weigh In...

So my "official" weigh in day is today.
That would be Wednesday.

Officially, my weight is 212.4 ... as of Sunday it was 211.9  which is only a 0.5 pound difference. PRETTY AWESOME!!

I did a happy dance.  Especially considering that I hadn't used the loo prior to my weigh in and I was running late this morning. It happens.

I'm going to stick with my Sunday weigh in (since weight fluctuates a little bit every day) and change my official weekly weigh in day to Sunday. This is pretty exciting stuff because it means since my first weigh in on Jan 30th I've lost 4.1 pounds!  Which is pretty damn impressive for me!

I'm also proud to report that today my coworkers tried to pressure me into going to Wendy's with them and I resolutely told them no.  They threw the Frosty at me, and the fries with sea salt, and the baked potato and the chili.... but no matter what they said I kept saying no, I'm good, I have my salad.


I'm sad to report that I haven't worked out since Saturday.  I had full intentions of doing so last night, but I didn't get off work until 6:30, home by 7, then I finished dinner at 8 and I was in bed by 9.  I could have dedicated a 1/2 hour at 9 to work out, for sure, but I was just so sleepy!

I've actually been a lot sleepier lately.  I know that it's probably because my body is still adjusting to the reduced calorie diet and eventually I'll be fine.  For now it's an adjustment.

So: my goal is 190 by June 7th, which is 26 pounds, and I'm going strong, 4.1 pounds down,  which leaves only 21.9 pounds to lose in about 4 months. WHEE!

Stay Shiny!

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