30 January 2013

Weigh In Day + Gulp

So today is my weigh in day.
And I finally actually did it. I haven't in probably several months.
Well today I weighed in and I'm 215.8


Yeah, this was totally me.

So anyway I found out last night that my HS reunion is this summer. In about 4 months. It's oddly motivating.  It even motivated my boyfriend.  So, anyway, here goes.  Time to DO IT. 

I'm not great at daily check ins, so that won't happen, but I'm going to really try to do my weekly ones. If I can I'll do daily, but we'll see. Usually that makes it feel more like a chore.  I'm using the Lose It! App on my iPhone and it's pretty great. It's been helping me eat better over the last week or so already, so I'm counting that as a win.  I love that it shows you the daily calorie budget right on the home screen - it seriously helps.

So the plan is to eat healthy and workout. It's getting to be hiking season again so I'm going to be doing more of that for sure. I'll record my progress on a calendar and check in here at the very least weekly. I'll make more food at home. I'll stop buying crap (I've actually already gotten really good at this). 

Because it's shallow, but extremely motivating: no one wants to be chubby at their HS reunion.  I won't be at my goal weight, but I'll be on the way, and by then the healthy habits will be routine. It'll still be work, but everything that's worth it is.

Challenge accepted. Time to rock on.
Stay Shiny!

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