03 November 2012

Monthly Measures + Progress Pics (Nov 2012)

Well, it's month #1, November 2012
...and it's time post my monthly measures & my progress pics.  

I've already posted my weight in a previous blog, but I'll restate it here.

Weight: 206
BMI: 34.4
Hips: 48
Thighs: 25

Gosh, that's depressing. Moving on. Front / Side / Back shots for this month:

I can't say I'm exactly happy with the way I look right now.  I mean, I was down to 193, and I put all that weight back on.  Not a happy moment. I had vowed never to see 200 again, and I broke that promise to myself.  Disheartening, irritating and frustrating, yes.  But fixable.  I can correct this nonsense for good!  Because I, and only I, hold the key to my success!

The three days since I've last blogged have been pretty ok.  I've been on track for all my goals, and I'm working on tracking my food a bit more accurately.  I think that's going to be a goal for next month.  I ran my 5K this morning, I've got 8 miles tomorrow, and I'm pretty psyched about it.

Stay Shiny!

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