14 November 2012

Week #3 Weigh In & Suckfest

I just feel like my head is going to explode.
Literally and figuratively. I have a headache that won't quit.  I've been waking up with headaches the last few days and I just cannot figure it out.

On top of that today is Weigh In Wednesday, and I could not be more disappointed in what the scale told me.  I know it's not all about the scale, but I've been feeling like a chunk-o-matic lately, and to see the scale reflect it just really bummed me out.

So today my weight is: 210

Two hundred and ten pounds. I swore when I hit 200 for the first time (going down, not up) I would never see that number again.  And now here I am, only 20 pounds away from my heaviest weight.

How did I get here? What is happening? I'm running, I'm walking, I'm not sitting around and mindlessly eating. I know my nutrition needs to be better, but I never thought I was doing THIS badly.  Is the whole "take things in little pieces" not helping me? My philosophy of doing things in tiny chunks... is it backfiring?

So this morning in the car on the way to work I made a few vows to myself.  The first is that I will record every single thing I put in my mouth - and I WILL be more mindful of what those things are.  The second is that I WILL continue to exercise and WILL push myself harder.  I WILL walk every day that I have a "rest" day.

I have to get this under control. I'm not sure where the issue is here, though it's probably my food. I'm also going to start cutting back on caffeine (i.e. coffee).  I've been doing really good with not having soda or energy drinks, but I really need to not have a cup of coffee every day. That might be why I'm getting such awful headaches first thing in the morning.

I'm going to finish out my 1/2 marathon training plan for this month, and run the 1/2 the first weekend in December.  Then I have 2 fitness boons purchased.  The first is a Groupon for a bootcamp in the valley that I haven't been to. I'm excited to try it and I'm determined to attend every class they have and push myself as far as I can. I WILL NOT see 210 again. And when I hit 200 I'm going to blow right past it and never look it's way again. EVER AGAIN.

I also have a Living Social deal for Crossfit classes. Now, those are one of my major goals - I want to take a month of Crossfit. I'm terrified, because it's so intense, but I really think it will help me improve my fitness.

I also have a "shield" - a philosophy of sorts. I saw this necklace on FAB (if you don't have this app you should get it) for 8$ and HAD to get it.  It's a little less than an inch long and it's on a 30" chain.  I plan on wearing it every day.  I'm sure someone else has coined the phrase, but it really resonated with me.

Work has been really stressful lately too, so I'm sure that's contributing to my weight gain.  All I can do is try to be better and work hard.  Hard work, dedication, change, healthy eating and fitness.

stay shiny!

07 November 2012

Week #2 - The Beat Goes On

It's that time again, Weekly Weigh In time.
Gotta say, not exactly happy with the results.

The official weight for this week is: 207.5

That's almost exactly 1lb heavier than last week! WTF?!  Granted: I'm SUPER insane bloated today (and yesterday).  Pretty sure it's from eating a 1/2 cup of beans, which I guess my body hates. Note to self: no more beans. Also: I did a really hard workout yesterday - speed training plus strength training.  It's the first time I've done speed training and I haven't regularly strength trained in a while so my body is definitely feeling the affects.

Neither of those are excuses, and I'm really bummed about it, but I get that weight fluctuates from week to week and day to day and even hour to hour.  It's nothing I can stop from happening, and who knows - I might be down 2 pounds next week.  We'll just have to wait and see.

It doesn't change the fact that I used to be 225 pounds (or more) and I'm now only 207. Which is a huge feat in itself.

Plus I had my biometric screening done today at work. Every year we have a health fair and they do biometric screenings - BMI, cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure.

My total cholesterol is 174 (healthy is less than 200)
HDL = 72 (healthy is greater than 60)
TC/HDL =  2.4 (healthy is less than 3.5)

What does all that mean? I have a lot of good cholesterol and low bad cholesterol and I'm eating healthy.

My blood glucose is 94 (non-fasting) - healthy is less than 140. For fasting, the healthy range would be 70 - 99, so I'm doing really good with my blood sugar levels.  No diabetes for me!

My blood pressure is 111 / 84 with a pulse of 73 bmp.  Normal is less than 120 / less than 80
so 80 is a little bit high, but the screener said that was totally normal - something as simple as walking or drinking coffee (both of which I've been doing) can affect that.

As usual, the only only category I failed in is my body composition. At 65 inches and 207 pounds I have a BMI of 34 - which is obese.  I'm glad that I'm overall healthy, but I need to fix that.  Which is what I'm taking steps to do.

So, an overview of the week:
I've done really well working out (not missing any workouts) and eating right. I have had a few extra pieces of candy than I should have, but I'm not overly worried about it.  I've been doing really good on not having soda, too.

I'm even getting better about writing down what I eat, though I'm not great at it yet.  It's an extra step that I loathe, so I just need to get in the habit.

Last night I did my 2 mile Tuesday and strength training, but more importantly I did speed intervals for 1 mile.  That was REALLY hard but I'm hoping that it will help me improve.  I plan on doing speed intervals every Tuesday and Saturday (except the Saturday before the race) for the rest of the month.  I'd love to finish in under 3 hours, but I'm not going to die if that doesn't happen. Mostly I just want to finish.

I also purchased a living social deal for Crossfit classes. 20 classes to be used within 30 days of the first class.  I'm really nervous because even though I really want to try Crossfit, it is something that scares the crap out of me.

I found a 2 week beginners Crossfit guide, so I plan on following that in December (just doing the 2 weeks on repeat) and then hopefully in January I'll be ready to sign up for the classes.  That would take care of my December & January fitness plans pretty nicely.

In other news:
Today is walking Wednesday.  Which means I'm kidnapping my boyfriend for 30 minutes or more to go for a nice walk this evening before dinner.  He really wants to get back in the habit of eating right and exercising, but he needs a little push.  I'm hoping this will help him (as well as help me!). 

And this weekend we're celebrating my best friends birthday, so Friday or Saturday night should be rife with alcoholic temptation.  I know I'll be able to resist, though, because a) I'll be driving and b) I have some long runs to do this weekend!

Stay shiny everyone!

03 November 2012

Monthly Measures + Progress Pics (Nov 2012)

Well, it's month #1, November 2012
...and it's time post my monthly measures & my progress pics.  

I've already posted my weight in a previous blog, but I'll restate it here.

Weight: 206
BMI: 34.4
Hips: 48
Thighs: 25

Gosh, that's depressing. Moving on. Front / Side / Back shots for this month:

I can't say I'm exactly happy with the way I look right now.  I mean, I was down to 193, and I put all that weight back on.  Not a happy moment. I had vowed never to see 200 again, and I broke that promise to myself.  Disheartening, irritating and frustrating, yes.  But fixable.  I can correct this nonsense for good!  Because I, and only I, hold the key to my success!

The three days since I've last blogged have been pretty ok.  I've been on track for all my goals, and I'm working on tracking my food a bit more accurately.  I think that's going to be a goal for next month.  I ran my 5K this morning, I've got 8 miles tomorrow, and I'm pretty psyched about it.

Stay Shiny!