16 July 2012


So I know it's been a while.
Things have been a little... a lot... crazy for me the last couple of weeks. My dad had to have surgery on his shoulder for a torn rotator cuff.  My sister was having finals that week for a summer class she was taking, so I had to be there with him.  It was the week of 4th of July, so that was neat, I got to spend the holiday with my Dad... and then he had surgery on the 6th.

I hated letting them wheel him in for surgery.  And afterwards was really tough too... because he was super loopy and just wanted to chat with me, but he really needed to sleep, so I had to leave... and he was laying there with the oxygen tube in his nose and he just looked.... exhausted. It was really hard.

But he's just fine. No complications and he's recovering more quickly than the doc anticipated, which is great.  My Dad is super healthy so that's a plus. I stayed through Saturday and flew home early on July 8th (Sunday).

On the 9th our new hire started at work.  She's being hired to fill my old position, and a lot of her duties are things I used to do. My boss was supposed to set up a training schedule for her, because she wanted her to be in the restaurants a little bit (I work for a restaurant, btw) but she never did.  And she ended up being so busy that I had to take over training her... almost entirely.  Which was something I did not have time for last week.

So I didn't leave work on time last week a single day.  I'm supposed to work 7 - 4, but I worked 7-5 or 7-7 to get my stuff done. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE our new hire.  She's super!  She worked in our restaurants as a bartender so she's got a lot to bring to the table in our department, and she's super nice and fun to work with.  Plus she's so excited about it. I'm just so glad to have her. 

My boss is on vacation this week, so I developed a training schedule for this week. I'll be working 7-5 this week, but at least I'll get some overtime, which I'll need because...

OMG, I know!! My old car was a 1998 Toyota Camry.  Missing half the drivers side door handle and one rim, the drivers side window doesn't roll down, the door sticks, sometimes the gas pedal doesn't work, the steering wheel is flaking and it was basically just falling apart.

So my boyfriend and I had been looking at cars all week.  I wanted another Toyota, because My Camry had lasted me so long. He suggested we also check out Hyundai and possibly Ford (though I'm not a fan of Ford vehicles, myself, except the Mustang).  I agreed, because I like to keep an open mind, but I was thinking the Corolla was for me.

Saturday morning we got up early and picked up our bountiful basket, then headed to the Toyota dealership.  I hated the Corolla.  The interior was really cheap and really ugly and it wasn't even a little fun to drive.  Then they kept trying to push us to buy - even if we didn't buy a Corolla.  There was a guy who came over to do the "hard sell" who kept insisting that I wanted a Prius.  I'm all for hybrids but I don't like the way the Prius looks AT ALL.   We kept saying no and he kept insisting, and finally tried to tell us the Prius has "gold tipped spark plugs" - so not possible, the gold would melt!

We left with a bad taste in our mouths and headed to Hyundai.  It was meant to be, let me tell you.  I wasn't intending on buying on Saturday, because I thought I'd have a much harder decision in front of me.  I fully expected to love the Toyota and the Hyundai equally.  But there was no comparison!

I drove off the lot in my very own 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT.  Turns out the GT is a new model just released about a week ago for 2013. The dealership had just received 2, one automatic and one manual, and I got the automatic.

It's the color I wanted and has all the features I wanted.  I just have to bring it back this week to get window tint installed (because they hadn't gotten to that yet).  It's a really sleek looking car, both inside and out. It has a hatch, which I love, and is super spacious.  Plus I get 3 moths free trial of XM satellite radio and BlueLink (which is freaking epic).  The car is equipped with Bluetooth, and it wirelessly syncs my phone for hands free calling and music playing.

Basically, it's my dream car.  And from the front it looks like it's smiling in a demented, psychotic sort of way, which I love. It's fun to drive, too, and handles really well. I highly recommend Hyundai to anyone looking for a car.

So now I have a car payment, which I've never had before, but it'll be great for my credit and is kind of like a stamp that declares me a real adult (haha).

But what about working out?
Well, the week I was home with my dad I ate way worse than I thought I did. I ended up gaining a bunch of weight, which sucks.  It was way too humid for me to workout there - it's not my typical environment and plus I was too busy taking care of my dad. Sort of excuses, yeah, but I did clean his house pretty hard core, which counts as a workout.

Anyway, its my own fault.  So I got home and my training for the 1/2 started on the 9th (last week).  I got up at 4 am on Tuesday & Thursday to get a 2 mile run in before work.  Thursday was supposed to be a 4 mile day, but by the time I got home and had dinner it was 9pm and I was so exhausted.  I'm glad I got the 2 miles in early.

My knee has really been bothering me because of the humidity, so I've been taking it easy. Sat was supposed to be 2miles and Sunday was supposed to be 5, but I did a total of zero miles.

Tonight I don't have anything scheduled, and I'm going to be stuck at work super late, so that's of the good. Tomorrow is 2 mile Tuesday and I start my strength training routine.

I'm not down, and I'm not out. I'm in it, I just happened to slip a little.  My nutrition has been great since I've been home.

So the plan is to keep eating right and working out. What a great plan! Also, since I now have a car payment (insane!) I'll probably be a little too broke for a while to afford anything other than the necessities, which is definitely of the good. I'll be eating a lot more salads and veggies!

Stay Shiny!

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