22 June 2012

Weigh In Day #3

So I weighed in today.
I met my goal... sort of, so my boyfriend didn't get $10.  I weigh 192 today, which is the same weight as this time last week.  The difference? Last week I was only supposed to weigh 193 (but I lost 2 pounds).  This week I lost zero pounds, but because my goal (through Stickk.com) was 192, and I weighed in at 192... no $10 for boyfriend! yay! Haha.

I'm not bummed that I didn't lose weight.  I didn't work out enough this week and I splurged on Monday, then had splurgey left-overs on Tuesday.  It was all bad.  I had too many carbs and not enough protein.

But I didn't gain weight, so it's a win.  Besides, I'm still on schedule. No matter which way I look at it, the glass is half full and I'm still rocking hard core.

Not so nice thing, though: I had to spend 450$ on a flight to Minnesota July 3 - July 8.  My Dad has a torn rotator cuff and has surgery on the 6th, and my sister has finals so she can't make it out there.  Which means I have to. Bright side, though: I get to spend the 4th of July with my Dad and a few close friends that I haven't seen in a long, long time.

My boyfriend can't make it because his work has already put up the schedule, and my flight times SUCK, but I'm excited about the trip... sort of.  I'm bummed my Dad has to have surgery but he'll be ok - he's a strong guy.

Working out will be interesting.  It will be the week before I start my pre-training training for the 1/2 Marathon, so I'm going to be doing some runs, for sure, but I'll be in MN... with the humidity.

Phoenix doesn't have humidity, and when we do we practically die.  So running in a different kind of weather will be a change.  At least the scenery is nice!  I'm going to bring some workout gear for sure!

And there's biking, which I miss like crazy!!  We have this neat trail there called the Douglas Trail.  It's 16 miles from Pine Island (where my Dad lives) to Rochester (the closest big city).  The trail used to be a rail road track, but they took out the tracks and made it a trail and it's a really gorgeous walk/run/bike.  It goes through farmland and riverside and it's surrounded by trees.  I'm hoping my Dad has an extra bike he can loan me so I can take a nice ride on the trail. Not the whole 16 miles (plus another 16 back!) but maybe 8 miles? I could do 8 miles.

Anyway, that's what's new.  I'm a little stressed because of the last minute travel plans that are happening right after 2 jam-packed days at work, but it'll be ok.

Stay shiny!

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