13 June 2012

Making Changes

I realize it's been a while since I've checked in.  I've been making changes and commitments and getting back into it.  No, really, I have.

Since June 06 I've been keeping detailed records of what I've eaten.  Everything I've eaten.  I'm exporting my SparkPeople nutrition reports and generating four graphs.  I highlighted my ideal range within these graphs and I'm making sure I stay in them.  Granted, I do better in some areas than others.

I've already noticed a trend: I need to find a way to reduce the amount of fats I'm eating. Now, they're good fats, don't get me wrong here, but I notice that I typically get the same amount of protein every day (a really great amount) and then I'll either have a lot of carbs or a lot of fats.  I need to figure out how to balance my carbs and my fats so my charts are a bit more even.

I haven't been working out as much as I should be, but when you're losing weight the biggest priority is nutrition, so that's what I'm focusing on.  Nutrition.  I am going to work exercise in there, don't get me wrong, but part of my problem is that I'll go full-tilt on everything, and I need to get really good at one thing before I add another one in there. I can't expect that I can do it all, all at once, you know?

So I'm starting to add the fitness in as well.  And to track that I've ordered some handy techy-tools which I'll report on as soon as I get to try them out, but for now here's the plan:

  • I ordered a special Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) with a smart bluetooth technology.  This HRM will sync with my iPhone.
  • I ordered an armband strap for my iPhone. Seems easy... but not so much. I'm picky, and I wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.
  • I ordered (and received) a Withings WiFi scale.
  • I joined a website called Stickk and set up a goal to lose 1 pound every week, or I owe my BF $10 (automatically sent to him if I don't reach my goal!!)
  • I also downloaded a free app called Digifit.  I LOVE THIS APP!  I bought all the extra's for under $10.

Now, separately, these all might not be so amazing, but put them together and you get a comprehensive fitness-measuring tool!

Here's how it works
My Withings scale has WiFi and measures my weight, lean mass, fat mass and BMI.  Every time I measure it sends the measurements to my Withings account online automatically.  It can also sync to multiple accounts - like SparkPeople and Stickk and Digifit, automatically updating my weight with those programs.

The HRM syncs to Digifit, and accurately tracks my calories (based on heart rate).  Digifit allows me to see my zones, set my own workouts, map my route, do fit tests, and gives me results I can actually interpret since it will tell me which heart rate zone I'm in instead of giving me just an arbitrary number. (seriously, if you tell me my HR is at 180 I'll have no idea which zone I'm in, and trying to remember which zone is which number is just a pain)  Yay Digifit!

So I strap on my iPhone using my new armband, set up my Digifit to connect to my HRM, select the workout I want and BAM. I can now go jogging (I can use it indoors or outdoors!) or do whatever and accurately track all of these things, all while listening to my favorite tunes.

On weigh in day my weight automatically get's updated to all the various places I want it right after I step on the scale. If I don't reach my goal of 1 pound every week, Stickk automatically sends my boyfriend 10$, and I work that much harder next week so that he doesn't get paid. Hello accountability.

There's another little piece of the puzzle called a FitBit.  I asked my boyfriend if it could be my birthday present.  It's a little 100$ gadget that tracks your steps, stairs, pace etc.  I think it can also track calories in, too, which is neat, but I haven't played around in the program (obviously) because I don't have one yet.

I love technology, and I am committed to losing weight and getting fit and making this change last. The combined seems like a lot, and it is... there are a lot of little pieces to this puzzle, but for me it works.  If I have to log on to 6 different websites and enter my information 6 different times... no thanks. It takes too much time and I don't have a lot of that.  The Withings reports are really neat, and I'm looking forward to see the DigiFit reports (screenshots to come!), plus SparkPeople is great for my nutrition and community.

Overall, I'm really excited.  By the end of the week I'll have all of my toys in, and I'll set them up and write a review blog on them.  I'm also going to try to blog once a week (at least) - probably after weigh in days, which are Friday's... so maybe Saturday or Sunday.

Stay Shiny!

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  1. Very Cool! I can't wait to find out how it all works. Great job!