31 May 2012

That Was Not Good.

Yesterday was Bad. So Bad it requires the capitol B.  I caved for a craving and had a chocolate milkshake. I know that I shouldn't have. I felt awful after I had it, and I hardly slept last night because of the guilt and the ucky feeling in my belly from drinking it.

Fortunately, I have learned my lesson: No more chocolate milkshakes. No more milkshakes period. I am the type of girl that only needs to mess up on something once to know to not do it again.  I learn from my mistakes.

Tonight is yoga, which I'm excited about. I'm going to get through the whole DVD this time, I can feel it.  I'm kinda sore from my workout on Tuesday, so the stretching will be nice.

Also, I signed up for an account on Stickk.com. (I'm Uniqueink, if you have an account and want to be friends!) It's a neat website where you make a commitment (to anything you want to achieve) and you can put money on the line (or not - up to you!) and every week you don't meet your goal you lose the money for that week.

I set up a goal to lose 1 pound a week for 20 weeks - a total of 20 pounds.  Each week I bet 10$, which will go to my Boyfriend if I lose.  I've asked him to put it in some kind of fund.  A vacation fund or a fun fund or something.  That is, if I don't reach my goal each week for a one pound loss.

I've never done anything quite like that before, so it will be interesting.  It's really easy to say I'm going to put the money down if I don't reach my goals, and something entirely different to have someone else taking your money away from you if you don't reach your goals.

Other than my huge slip up last night (which I'm trying to forget and move past) I've been eating really well, very Paleo.  I made asparagus sauteed in garlic and lemon juice for dinner, with an organic chicken breast that I baked in a mix of apple cider vinegar, organic chicken broth and herbs.  Both turned out really good, and my boyfriend really liked them too, which is a huge step since he starts pure paleo tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to kicking ass and losing at least 1 pound a week for the next 20 weeks.  I know I can do it, I just have to stick to my guns.  I also have to record my food - something I'm terrible at because it takes a lot of time.  I'll need to start dedicating the time, though, otherwise I'll never succeed.

Stay Shiny!

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