18 April 2012

The Lessons We Learn

This month has been nuts.  I can't think of a month that hasn't been nuts since last November, but this one feels particularly nutty.  Between hiking and learning Dutch (Hallo - leuk om je te ontmoeten!), a crown (tooth), the final planning stages for Europe and eye doctor apts, I feel like things couldn't possibly get any nuttier!

Here's an update:
So yesterday I had my follow up eye doc apt. I was getting major headaches from the RX she prescribed me a week ago, and it turns out that it's because my right eye RX wasn't strong enough. It was a big confusing perplexing thing for the eye doc, because I was testing differently than the RX I required, but we got it all sorted out.

Today I have an apt. to get my permanent crown  put in. I'm not excited about this, but I'll be glad to have the permanent crown and hopefully I wont have to worry about it anymore.  I am just now getting used to the temporary crown so I expect it will be another few weeks before I adjust to the permanent.

Also, I was down to 188 in my last weigh in, but it keeps yo-yoing so I'm sure that was just water weight.  I'm hoping that I can "officially" be 188 by the time we leave for Europe. I know I wanted to be 184, but with only 17 days left, I'll settle for 188. It's not like that would be bad!

About those lessons...
So last night my boyfriend (and I) learned a fun lesson. I can't say that it's just him who learned the lesson. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way, and so did he, and even though I already knew it, I learned a little bit of a tweaked version.

Before I begin you should know: We're both trying to lose weight, and I'm a bit more advanced in my journey than he is as I've been at it for years.  He's never really had to lose weight before.  He's doing so much better than he was when we first started dating, but he still slips up - so do I, no one is perfect. I still love him, and vice versa.

So we were starving for dinner and decided to "indulge" in Chic-a-Filet.  I got the 12 piece chicken nugget and he got the chicken sandwich, plus an 8 piece chicken nugget, and we both got large sized fries and drinks.  A TON of calories, to be sure.

So we eat, and we're STUFFED. And we both have a cookie afterwards. I felt SO GUILTY about what I ate.  I knew I should have only gotten the 8 piece nugget and the small fries and no drink. I knew it as I asked him for it, but I WANTED the 12 piece!

This morning I realized that I eat more because I know he'll eat more. I've read countless blogs about how people in relationships gain weight and women eat bigger portion sizes because their men do etc, but I never really thought I had fallen victim to it until last night, when I realized I really HAD.  Oh  man.

Now, you should also know, I often comment on what my boyfriend orders, because he orders a lot of food, and I've been gently trying to inform him that it's too many calories, and remind him of his commitment to weight loss etc. I don't like to do it because I feel like I'm nagging, but I do when I can without hurting his feelings (I hope). 

This was no different - he ordered too much food, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to nag.  This morning he woke up feeling sick from it.  He had a revelation, which he shared with me.  It went something like this:

Me: You're only having an apple for breakfast? That's not breakfast.
G: My tummy hurts.
Me: I'm sorry, you're not getting sick are you?
G: No, I think I just ate too much last night.
Me: Your eyes were bigger than your stomach, eh?
G: Yes.
Me: What did we learn?
G: That I should either get the nuggets or the sandwich, and we should both limit ourselves to the small size fries and drink and the 8 piece nugget.

I was so excited to hear him say that! I knew it was what I needed to do, but it would be extra hard without his buy in.  Plus it makes me sad to see him eating so much knowing that it's not good for him, and he knows it's not good for him, but yet he still eats it.  

He had to come to this realization the hard way, just like me, but I'm glad we both did! I think we'll be able to lead much more proportionate lives now, and I'm not going to feel guilty reminding him about portion sizes anymore!  Now that he's had this revelation, I'll just remind him of it. (insert big cheesy grin here)

Only 17 days left before the trip! I'm so excited!  I've got a big hike planned this weekend - probably a good 7 or 8 miles, and I've been doing fitness breaks during the commercials for my shows on Hulu+.  Last night I did push ups, Russian Twists, lunges and squats. Whee!

Stay Shiny!

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