02 April 2012

33 days + hike

So, this weekend was pretty darn good!  I went for a great 4 mile hike with my boyfriend on Saturday, got a haircut, went grocery shopping and then went out with some mutual friends (after a nap!), Sunday we cleaned for 2 hours until the apartment was sparkling (love that feeling!) then we were SO LAZY the rest of the day, plus my weigh in has me at 190! It was great! then of course, as of today only 33 days until Europe!

So yeah, awesome weekend (even though it's THAT time). Here's a few pics from the weekend:

gearing up for the hike!

awesome flowers on our hike!
just as the sun is rising = so pretty!

I picked up some Daffodils over the weekend!  So pretty!

Saw these lovelies as I was heading to the hair apt. :)

Stay shiny!!

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