04 April 2012

31 Days of Hiking Madness!

There are 31 days left until I leave for Europe.  Only 31 days! EEEEEEE!!

The next 31 days are what I'm going to call "hiking madness".  One of the things my BFF & I will be doing a lot of in Europe is walking.  I mean a LOT of walking. Walking everywhere! Walking all over the place! We want to see the sights, the people, the architecture; we want to explore and enjoy ourselves! Plus, we REALLY don't want to drive in the cities! 

On top of that, we'll only have a car in Ireland, and only in rural Ireland. So sure, we'll drive around to get from place to place, but once we're at our destination, no more driving! We'll park and walk! 

So, to prepare, I'm doing a lot of hiking.  It's great exercise, it's a lovely setting, and it's great practice for Europe.  I put together a calendar for April.

My April Calendar

So, obviously, I have some planned hike's in there, but most of it is blank.  This is because I figured out that if I plan out my calendar a whole month in advance... I get bored and I don't do it. I need to make it up on the fly! ON THE FLY, I SAY! (I'm a tad hyper this morning).

So every Saturday (or Sunday - if Saturday doesn't work out) I'm going to go for a long hike. I've got the 4 mile hike's down, so starting this Saturday (the 7th) I'm going to do a 6 mile hike.  My boyfriend will just LOVE that. He doesn't know yet. hahaha.  Then the Saturday after, I'll up it to 8 miles.  Then down to 6 again, then back up to 8. Then... EUROPE!

During the week, I'm going to walk and hike as much as I can.  X's represent days when I didn't work out, and I'll fill in the blanks with whatever I did on any given day.  I won't hike 2 days in a row, though.  Just to be fair to my body.

So, yesterday I went for a 4 mile hike.  Today, I'm thinking I might do some yoga + a little strength training, and maybe walk around the park.  Tomorrow I'm thinking of hiking again.  I'd like to do 5 miles.  I just have to figure out how to accomplish that.  The trail I'm working on is called the Gateway Access Loop (it's part of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve ring of trails) and it's 4 miles all the way around.  There are a bunch of trails that shoot off of it.  There's one called Bell Pass that I want to try for the 6 & 8 mile hikes.  There's another one that starts with a W (I think Windgate pass) that I'm also interested in trying.  So I think tomorrow I might explore Bell Pass for a 5 mile hike.  I'll just go until I hit 2.5 miles then turn around and go back. 

Fortunately for me I have a pedometer that tracks my mileage. Plus the trail's are pretty well marked with mileage. 

Hiking in the afternoons presents different challenges, too, so I don't want those hikes to be tooo long. 4 or 5 miles will likely be my limit.  See, it's hot in the afternoon.  And the sun is out.  Normally I hike early in the morning when it's still cool, finishing before 10.  Adding the sunshine and the heat makes it a little bit more interesting, but still doable. At least for the month of April.

Other than that I'm just working and gearing up for Europe.  I've lost 4 pounds so far, so I only have 6 to go to reach my goal of losing 10 pounds before Europe.  It would be super cool if I could lose more than that and be at 180 by the time we shove off, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  haha.

Updated pictures and measurements will come this weekend. I've been REALLY painfully behind on that, I know.  So I'll be sure to post those this weekend. 

Stay Shiny!

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