05 April 2012

30 Days of Dutch

As if April wasn't mad enough with my Hiking Madness setting in...I've decided to also do 30 Days of Dutch.

See, as of today there are exactly 30 days until my best friend and myself set off on our journey to the other side of the pond.  One of the things that I've been trying (not very well) to do is learn Dutch before we go. I get distracted, you see.  But with only 30 days left, I feel the pressure is on... and while I'm not pressure prompted, sometimes the promise of a fast approaching deadline and a swift kick in the arse is all that I need to get me going.

So here is my plan for 30 Days of Dutch:
Mon - Fri = 30 minutes (minimum)
Saturday = 1 hour (minimum)
Sunday   = 2, 1 hour sessions (minimum)

The day before we leave (May 4) I have a half day at work. I'm going to go home, pack and finish whatever segment I'm on.  Then I'm going to relax.  This is a good plan for me.  It's strict, but bendy, and will ensure that I'm doing it at least once per day.  Even if I only do the minimum of 30 minutes on weekdays, I can still feel good about myself and what I've accomplished.

Plus, 30 minutes on weekdays is perfect.  If I go for a hike after work, I don't get home until after 6.  I'll have time to have dinner and shower and 30 minutes won't interrupt the flow of my night. I can still relax or read or do chores.  30 minutes is nothing.

On the weekends I tend to have more time, so I can easily spend an hour or more on it.  The trouble will be getting me to sit still and absorb for that long, but I'm confident I can do it.  It's an aggressive plan, to be sure, but I can do this.  All of this.

I won't be hiking today, either.  I AM hitting the gym, though. I'm going to walk for a half hour and hit the stair-climber for 15 minutes.  That's a pretty good combo, and it will only help my endurance for walking and hiking.  The only downside is that I can't study Dutch while I'm doing it! That would be awesome!  I think I'll be too out of breath on the stair climber to speak, though, and my computer isn't portable, anyway.

In other news, I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't checked my weight all week, but I feel slimmer.  Even if that means I haven't actually dropped any pounds, I'm sure that my fat is being replaced by muscle.  Those hikes are killer!

I told my BF this morning that our hike on Saturday will be a tad different. He seems apprehensive.  This is nothing new - he's often apprehensive when I'm really excited about something physical like a hike.  I tend to push him pretty hard, but only because I know he can do it.  He just needs to believe in himself, too. That's one thing I've never had a problem with - believing in myself!  True Dat! haha.

Anyway, I've got April Hiking Madness and 30 Days of Dutch on my plate, plus work (which has been blessedly calmer), and prep for Europe, my boyfriend and my personal time.  Life is busy, but it's good, and I feel like I can handle anything. 

My BFF & I are going shopping on Saturday to pick out a few cute outfits for the trip.  We don't want to look like tourists the whole time we're there, and our wardrobe needs to be freshened up a tad. I've got a few outfits I'm planning on bringing already, which, speaking of... I should probably go write that down so I don't forget!

Stay Shiny!

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