23 March 2012

43 Days & Counting...

The countdown has been on for quite some time... but now it feels so much more real! Only 43 days until my best friend and I embark on our flagship trip to Europe! We're flying into Shannon, Ireland, driving around and ending up in Dublin, then flying to London, spending a few days there, taking the train to Brussels and spending the day/night, then taking trains up to Amsterdam (stopping in Gouda, of course) where we'll spend the remainder of our trip.

One of my goals was to be at my goal weight by Europe... which won't happen.  My new goal is to lose 10 pounds before Europe. With 43 days left, I'm pretty sure I can do it, I just have to commit.

It's been really hard, actually.  I've been working 10 - 14 hour days at work, and it's been really stressful.  I haven't been eating terrible, but I haven't been working out like I should be.  I didn't think it would be that hard... but it is.

I joined a gym because I kept missing bootcamp... because bootcamp was only at 6:30 pm and only on Monday - Thursday.  I wasn't getting my work outs in, so I decided on a gym (LifeTime Fitness) that offers a lot of classes and options.  I love the gym, but it's still been hard to get there...

I thought, "How hard can it be? I get off work at 6, I can still make it to the gym!" But at the end of a 14 hour day, the gym is the last thing I want to do... I find myself mentally exhausted and in no condition to get myself there.

I'm not 100% sure how to fix it, either.  Part of it is mental. I just need to suck it up and do it.  Tell myself I'm going to, then do it.  I'm really excited to get to the gym in the morning, but by the afternoon I've lost my drive, so I need to figure out how to carry that drive on throughout the day.  Maybe a collage?  I don't know yet...

I think once I get in the routine it will be hard for me to miss out.  Taking that first step is hard.  This week I went to the gym 2 days already, and tonight will be day #3. So that's a start, at least.  Slowly but surely, right?  I have plans to get up really early tomorrow morning and hit the gym before the boyfriend and I pick up our Bountiful Basket.  Then we're going grocery shopping, then (hopefully) I'm getting a haircut.  

Sunday we're going to see The Hunger Games with my BFF and I hope I make it to spin class that afternoon.  I don't know if we'll be back in time, but if we are -- I'm going!

I really want a bike.  One with a basket so I can run errands in it.  The only problem is we don't have a lot of bike rack's in the greater Phoenix area to which I could lock it up in.  Also, it's quite the expense for a good one.  Which sucks.

As if all that weren't enough (yeah, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, ya dig?) I went to the dentist yesterday (new dentist and I love them) and I have to get a crown!! When I was a kid my parents got me metal fillings (even though I begged for enamel, but it was too expensive).  Now, they're starting to crack, chip and decay is getting in underneath them.  One of my fillings is so bad that the dentist said we couldn't wait - and it had to be a crown.  The others we'll get to over time (they aren't too bad yet) and they'll likely just be fillings.  But this bad boy... nope. He's a crown. Fortunately its porcelain. 

But I have to go in on Monday to get the temporary one put in (not excited) and it costs an arm and a leg.  I'm going to consider offering them my first born, even though I never plan on having kids.  Joke's on them! haha! Just kidding.  Maybe.  Anyway, insurance covers half of it but it's still stupid expensive.  And I have an eye doctor appointment in a few weeks because I need new contacts.

All of this I wanted to get done before Europe, and I didn't think I'd have any cavities or any problems.... lo and behold, I do. Sad.

But it's better to get it taken care of, that's what I think. 

Anyway, I've been eating pretty well.  About once a week the boyfriend and I have Chic-a-Filet (what I consider to be one of the least evil fast food places) -- at least we know the chicken is real!  And the service is fantastic.  I'm trying to whiddle that down to once every two weeks, then only once a month.  The biggest problem I have right now is sweets. I WANT THEM SO BAD! I've had about 3 Cadbury Eggs this week and I need to just NOT.  But part of the problem is that I've been working such long hours that I don't have enough food with me, so then I get hungry and then I make bad choices.

I'm trying to correct that by purchasing healthy snacks and keeping them at the office.

So my plan for the next 43 days is this: 
  • To get to the gym as often as I can, slowly working my way up from 2 - 3 times a week to 6 times a week.
  • Reduce the fast food.  We don't eat a lot, and generally we make healthy choices, but we can always do better.
  • Increase the healthy foods -- get a basket every 2 weeks.
  • Keep healthy snacks at work.
  • Overcome my excuses. So I just worked 14 hours. Who cares? There are people who work 16 hour days then come home and take care of kids and only get 2 hours of sleep a night.  I can do this. I will do this.

All of this together should get me down the 10 pounds I want to lose before Europe. I'll keep an eye out! In the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can keep my morning excitement for the gym in my mind throughout the entire day... let me know!

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