08 February 2012

Workin' It!

Yesterday was Rock Star Boot Camp #2 (of 24). It was a strength night, and it was killer.  I used a kettlebell for the first time, which was awesome, but those are harder than I thought to use because of the wrist twisty action.

My inspiration for this week:
Image from: http://believe-toachieve.tumblr.com/

I think it's a pretty good rule to live by, actually. I challenged myself yesterday with a 20lb kettelbell (I probably should have started with like a 15 or something but I was feeling ambitious) and I used 12 pound weights all night last night.

Tonight is another cardio night, and I have NO idea what it's going to be like.  My butt is sore, my calves are sore, my feet are sore, my shoulders are sour, but I feel great, overall.

PLUS, if I'm lucky, the tides will be changing today and I can wear my HOTPants! Yeah!  I really hope I can.  I need to re-take my pic for the 2-week challenge and start it over since I only got 2 days into it before I couldn't wear them due to feminine annoyances.

I need to get back on my learning Dutch train, for sure.  I've been skipping the last week or so because I've been so tired due to feminine reasons. But every now and then you need a break, I think.  I looked on the Keukenhof website today and accidentally chose the Dutch version, and I could understand most of what I read (which was only the buy tickets page, mind you) and I could pronounce most of it, too, which is great! Yay for Rosetta Stone!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to kicking some serious grass tonight and tomorrow in boot camp, then this weekend we're definitely going hiking and I'm probably going clothes shopping because I need some long-sleeve shirts, a few more tank-tops and a few more work clothes.

Stay shiny!

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