02 February 2012

General Update

I did not work out last night. Nope, no sirree. Everyone needs a rest day though, right?

Last night, my uterus was in prime torture mode (sorry guys -- true story). And my knee was acting up.  So I took the night off, made some awesome chicken for dinner (with snow peas!) and generally relaxed.  It was much needed.

I also discovered a few things:

1. BCOR fitness = Rock Star Boot Camp.  Seriously!! I'm so excited! I bought this Groupon ages ago thinking I'd get to try a different kind of boot camp, because I love them so, and it turns out that I get to go to Rock Star Boot Camp 4 days a week for 6 weeks! Yeah!

2. Rain Jacket For Europe = Yay!  I finally found a rain jacket that I can wear while in Europe.  It's light weight, water-repellent, has a hood, is plain black, doesn't have a whole lot of bells and whistles and is generally awesome.  It's a "The NorthFace" brand, and it's under 100$.  Yay!

All I need left for Europe is shoes, jeans and a few shirts. I can't buy them until it get's closer to the date, tho, because I plan on being slimmer.

I feel like I've lost some weight and slimmed down a little, which is great.  I'm loving it! My boyfriend has, too (he's doing P90X) which is also awesome!

Tonight is the last night of Ultimate Body Boot Camp, then tomorrow I will be working out (since I took yesterday off), I need to pick up an arm band for my iPhone because I want to start training for a 1/2 marathon and I'm planning on getting my hair cut this weekend.  So much to do!!

Plus the BF & I are thinking of seeing  a movie this weekend, plus we have a hike for Sunday, the cat has to go to the vet Saturday morning, and we need to go grocery shopping. I have a very busy weekend planned!

And tomorrow... whew.  Tomorrow is going to be tough. We're filming all day for a video we're putting together at work, so I'm going to be on my feet all day.  Trying to gather the desire to work out after that is going to be tough.  I'm debating on whether or not I should wear my Hot Pants all day on Friday... since I'm going to be moving around so much. I just can't decide. I think it would be cool, but will I be uncomfortable after a while? I do think they are helping, though. I've definitely noticed a change after only a few days. Of course, the before & after pics will be really telling... hmm... I think I'll wear them tomorrow. It couldn't hurt!

Stay shiny!

PS: Shout out to RyderB for being so very inspirational and motivating! It's great to read your comments! Thanks so much for helping motivate me to do better, and for generally being a source of inspiration and awesomeness!

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