01 February 2012

February Goals

Well, it's that time again... goal setting time!

I have a few goals for the month of February... hefty ones. Here they are!

Lose 10 pounds!
Crazy? Maybe. Inspiring? Definitely.  I'd love to be able to lose 10 pounds this month as a re-commitment to myself. Hey, guess what? I'm going to!  It's only 2 little pounds a week!

No Excuses!
Often I get home from work and I'm tired, or I get stuck late at work, or I have cramps, or I'm hungry or I'd rather play a game, or I'd rather read, or I have to do laundry... the list goes on and on and on. Well, let me tell you, that excuses list is about to get really short... because February is a month of NO EXCUSES! Don't feel like it? Too bad! Laundry to do? Do both! Tired? A workout is the best pick-me-up!

Get Through Bob's Yoga DVD
This might not seem like a really out-there goal, but let me tell you, that DVD is HARD! I tried it last Sunday and I got through 15 minutes before I collapsed! I haven't really done a lot of yoga before, and I knew it would be a challenge - especially Bob's DVD - but I'm looking forward to it! By the end of February, I'll be a yoga-fool!

Hike Every Weekend
I have my weekends pretty open for workouts.  Saturday is a double day. I can either go for a run + do yoga, or go for a hike + do yoga.  Sunday I can either hike, do yoga or do a cardio workout.  More on my schedule later (and how it's going to kill me, most likely) but as long as I have it as a possibility on either day, I can't miss it!

Eat A Salad Every Day
I love salads.  I usually eat one for lunch on the week days, but slack on the weekends.  I have a lot of work functions coming up that will extend over lunch and include take out or catering... which means my salads are in a sad state of not being eaten.  I don't want to miss out on them, especially since they are not only delicious but provide me with tons of awesome nutrients, so I'm going to make it a goal to eat a salad every day this month!  

Now, about that schedule...
I'll be starting BCOR boot camp next week (I hope... I have to call them).  It's 4 days a week for 6 weeks. So Mon - Thurs I'll be at boot camp for an hour in the evenings.  Friday's are my "rest" day. I have to have one, and Friday will be the best day, I think.  Saturday & Sunday are "open" days. I have a list of activities I can do and I have to do something.  Saturday's are double-days, so I have 2 activities I'll do... either hiking+yoga, or jogging+yoga.  It doesn't have to be intense hiking or jogging... I don't have to be out there for hours or run 12 miles... but at least a 1/2 hour.  Sunday's will be a pick one day. Either hiking (if I didn't go on Saturday), Yoga (if I'm feeling it two days in a row), or cardio (maybe the elliptical this time, instead).

On top of my crazy work out schedule, work just seems to get busier and busier.  There are only two of us here and things just keep piling up. But working out and eating right is going to be so worth it in the long run, I just have to remember to NEVER GIVE UP!

I have a few other fun things this month too:
Valentines day - my amazing boyfriend (we're in cohabitation mode now) is taking me to see Wicked (the musical) for v-day.
Shopping - at the end of the month we have some big, all-week meetings and I need to look more professional, so I get to go shopping for new clothes and hopefully they'll be a tad smaller...
Matsuri - we have a Matsuri festival at the end of February in Phoenix every year.  I'm looking forward to going with my bff, my boyfriend, and a few other friends this year, plus my fancy camera.  I'm hoping to catch some good shots!

That's the update, folks! I know I promised to write 5x a week last month and that didn't happen. I'm trying to get better, I swear! I think about it at least once a day... and then work just get's so busy I can't think of anything else!

Stay shiny, and remember...

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  1. Good luck with your February goals! Everything you've picked sounds great! When you're pushing yourself in the evenings, and accepting " No Excuses" make sure you're kind to yourself, and use positive motivation. Because you're doing great! You have a tough workout schedule, and not just anyone could keep up with you. You're a real inspiration!