13 February 2012

Boot Camp Week 2 Begins!

Today starts off Rock Star Boot Camp Week #2 and I gotta say, I'm pretty excited.   I didn't miss a SINGLE day last week, not one! 

When I first tried Rock Star, I was only going once per week, and I was doing a few other boot camps, so I didn't really get the full experience. I didn't really like it very much, last time.  But let me tell you, doing Rock Star the way it was intended... 4 days a week w/o missing any classes... it's a whole other experience! It's incredible!

I am definitely seriously considering continuing on with the camp once I finish my 24 day challenge (aka Groupon for 6 weeks) but I have to look at my finances... it's not a cheap boot camp... and with good reason! Its amazing!

My eating hasn't been 100% fantastic, but I'm just taking it one day at a time.  That's really all you can do.  Fortunately there aren't any big valentines day dinners in my future.  The BF & I are going to go to the Ren fair this next weekend, and then eventually we're going to see Wicked, but I think we can pretty much avoid any big fancy meals. We're good at that.

This weekend I was going to go shopping for some new clothes, but that didn't happen... exactly.  We hit Khols and I did get a new pair of jeans and a denim skirt.  The denim skirt is a pretty big deal since I NEVER wear skirts... I can't wear this one to work, but it will be something cute to go out in... here's a pic!

Other than that, just gearing up for Europe! Hunting for the best deals on things to do, working out, and wearing my Hot Pants! I do love them! I sweat like crazy!! haha, but even if I didn't wear them, the whole working out thing is amazing and amazingly good for me and I just feel so strong and empowered!

Stay Shiny!!

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