11 January 2012

Bootcamp Report #2: Never Challenge Your Trainer

Note to self: Never Challenge Your Trainer.
So yesterday I wasn't feeling too bad after my first Ultimate Body Boot Camp.  In fact, I was feeling down-right dandy.  A little sore in my shoulders from all the push-ups, but not terrible.  [Thank you, 100 push ups app!]

Today when I went in, I was the dreaded first person there.  I picked my spot, unrolled my mat and greeted Ray, our trainer.  I told him I was feeling "just fine" from the workout yesterday and I wanted "more of a challenge".  I told him to bring it.  Never tell your trainer to bring it.

I'm pretty sure that the whole class hated me, and Ray made sure they knew that I was the one who said I wasn't feeling challenged and I wanted a harder workout.  They'll thank me some day.

We started off with warm ups which were normal enough, then we did a lot of leg warm ups.  We went into a bigger room next door and proceeded to do a lot of back and forth leg workouts.  Walking lunges, bear crawls, duck walks, you name it, we did it.  Pretty sure I came close to passing out a couple of times.... as did most of the rest of the class.  But I didn't complain! I smiled the whole time and maintained my "bring it" attitude.

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[I definitely felt like a champion after last night, though I'm pretty sore this morning!]

After our leg workout, we went back into the other room and did a reverse pyramid for our arms. We started with 20 dumb-bell presses (straight over our heads), then we went down into a push up position on the dumb-bells and did 20 (10 on each side) dumb-bell lifts.  Then 18 and 18, 16 and 16 and so on and so forth until we got down to 2 and 2. OH MAN THAT WAS INTENSE! I was using the 5 lb weights and I'm pretty sure I wanted to die, and I'm SO GLAD I didn't bring my 8 lbs last night!

Ray, on the other hand, told me I had to bring them next time. Damnit. So Thursday I'll bring my 8's and my 5's (just in case).  I want to get a pair of 15's, because for dead-lifts I can do a lot more weight, but it's a pain in the butt to carry that much around with me and I don't have a bag that will hold it all.

So I have a night off tonight, which is great because I have to clean like you wouldn't believe. Then boot camp on Thursday.  This weekend I'm going hiking with the boyfriend, and even though Monday is MLK JR day, we do still have boot camp, which is OK.  I wouldn't miss it!
It's been crazy this week, because I get off work at 4, I get home by 4.20-ish, then I have to feed my cats, change, and I have about 20 minutes of down-time (usually to get house-hold stuff done) before I have to leave to get to boot camp.  I work out for an hour, and then traffic is less crazy so I get home in 15 minutes.  I shower, have dinner, and then it's suddenly 8.30 or 9pm! I read for a while and then pass out. So I'm definitely excited to have a night off tonight!

Aaaand I know I'm jumping the gun (I always do) but I weighed in this morning because I was curious. The combo of working out, getting back to eating amazingly, not drinking soda or alcohol, plus not being on my period has put me back at 191!! Considering last week I was at 194, this pretty much was the best way to start my day!! I'm hoping that by Sunday's weigh in I can be at 190, but we'll see how that works out.

Here's to a great 2012, everyone!

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