13 January 2012

Boot Camp Report #3: I Hate the Alphabet.

No, it's true, I really, really do.

Boot Camp last night was not terrible... until the end.  I mean, sure, he compiled a list of all the exercises I hate the most [read: plyometrix], and sure, I was still super sore from Tuesday so doing any kind of squat made my ass feel like it was going to pop like a burst balloon, but it was a good workout. 

Then, at the end, this one girl said "Can we do Alphabets?!" She was excited. The rest of the class... not so much.  It turns out, Alphabets are a particularly nasty piece of torture.  You kneel on the ground on all fours, and extend one leg out to your side.  Then you raise it off the ground.  But wait -- there's more!  Then you proceed to draw out with your extended toe every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.  When you're done with that side, you switch and do the other.

Image from: http://believe-toachieve.tumblr.com/

Yeah, it's like that.  I worked until my ass gave out, and seriously, it was intense since I was still really sore from Tuesday. Did I mention I was sore? I was hella sore.

I completed another Quest in Fitocracy, which is awesome.  And I figured out how to find a list of the quests so I can complete them, which is potentially more awesome.  Plus I leveled up.  I just love saying that.  I leveled up my fitness - whee!

Tomorrow morning I have a Bountiful Basket to pick up, then the boyfriend and I are going hiking.  Saturday night we were invited to go to the Dubliner and see the Brazen Heads, but I'm feeling wishy washy about that.  I want to go, but I know I'll drink, and I really almost kind of want to avoid alcohol because I have to weigh in on Sunday.  Damn Saturday nights!

Plus, I ate not so fantastically the last few days.  If I didn't miss a meal, I ate some pretty high calorie stuff [read: Chipotle] ... though only the once or twice. I didn't have Chipotle twice, I had Chang's one night and Chipotle another. Sigh.  So we'll see.

Three day weekend, though!  That's exciting.  I am planning on running a 1/2 marathon the first half of this year (if not a structured race then one of my own creation haha) and I need to get back into the running so I might go on Sunday or Monday.  I have Boot Camp on Monday though, so maybe not.

We'll see. I seem to be saying that a lot lately.
Anyway, I'm going to blow this Popsicle stand. stay shiny!

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