12 January 2012

Ah, A Rest Day

So yesterday was a rest day.  A glorious rest day.
I got a lot done, actually.  I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, took out the trash, vacuumed, got a bunch of clothes together for donation, re-organized my closet, re-organized my living room and burned a CD for my coworker.  Overall, pretty awesome.  

I'm still sore from Tuesday.  Mostly in my glutes, hamstrings and my thighs.  I've been stretching like mad, so at least that's good.  I'm not nearly as sore today as I was yesterday. Yay for stretching!

I'm looking forward to tonight.  I'm going to bring both my 5lb & 8lb dumb-bells, and we'll see what the night brings.  I'm going to try to use the 8's all night.  Why?

Image from: http://believe-toachieve.tumblr.com/

Because I believe in redefining my impossible.

Oh, I absolutely do. Also, I'm considering signing up for a 90-day challenge.  It's being officiated by Premier Fitness Systems, and basically is judged on muscle definition and weight loss over a 90-day period.  You send in 2 before photos and your weight, and after 3 months you send in 2 after photos and your weight.  Winners are announced at the end of May (the contest runs Feb - Apr).  I'm going to see if the BF want's to join in with me :)  It could be fun!  Plus, I have Europe in May, so that could really help motivate me to work even harder.  The grand prize is a 2 night stay at a fancy hotel in Sedona, AZ -- a 1,000$ value.

I watched the Biggest Loser last night. I subscribe to Hulu+ (I don't have cable) so I get the shows a little bit later. Usually TBL is really good about putting them up the day after.  I was impressed with the turn-around of the individual who was voted off, but I kind of think that maybe that individual could have made some of those realizations sooner.  It sounded like said person already had, but wanted an excuse to get off the ranch because said person was unhappy there.  But I could be wrong. :) I'm very happy with the turn around tho, and very impressed with that persons dedication after leaving the ranch. I love me some TBL!

Anyway, time to get to it.  Hard work... DEDICATION!

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