15 December 2011

Getting Back To It.

Ok, Ok, I know.  I've been REALLY lax lately. Sorry!
Life... you know? sometimes it get's in the way.  But what's important is that you deal with it and then get back into it.... which is what I'm doing!

The last month or so has been pretty rough. November was insane at work and now I'm the only one left in my department (for a billion dollar company, mind you).  But I'm not stressed about it any more.

The last few weeks I haven't had much time to get to boot camp, which is unfortunate.  Plus it's been cold and rainy, which isn't really ideal for an outdoor boot camp. 

My first groupon boot camp deal is almost up.  I only have about 3 more camps available to me.  Then I start a new one -- Ultimate Body Boot Camp.  It's a four week course, 3 days a week (Monday Tuesday Thursday).

Last night I sat down and wrote out my calendar for January / February to see when I'd be at boot camp and what else I'd need to do.... my schedule is FULL!  I continued on to enter in my next groupon boot camp -- BCOR Fitness, a 6 week program with unlimited camp's, so I can attend 4 days a week (Mon - Thurs).  I filled that out for the next 6 weeks, pulling me into 1/2 way through March.

Then I was excited, so I started to fill out what else I can do.  The days I don't have boot camp I'll be either having a rest day or doing a 30-day shred workout, or hiking or jogging.  I'm also doing a Push Up challenge.  I found this great app for my iPhone called 100 Push Ups.  Basically it's a program you follow that will work you up to being able to do 100 REAL push ups.  I'm pleased to say that I could do 4 REAL push ups (not girlie ones!) on my initial test =)

I'm curious to see how this program pans out :) it's just something fun to do, you know?
Anyway, my workout schedule for the next 3 months is FULL and I couldn't be happier!  I've still been eating really well and I feel pretty great, but I know I definitely need to get back in the game if I'm going to be 170 by the time I go to Europe in May.  

It's only 20 pounds or so, but I really only loose about 5 pounds a month, if I'm lucky.  Let's face it, I'm in the 100's... almost in the 180s.  It get's harder to drop the pounds when you get small like that, and even though I know I have a way's to go still...well, I'll be more than pleased if I can hit 170 by May! Considering I have 4 months to go, that's 5 pounds each month.  If I drop more than that -- great! If I drop less, well that's just how the cookie crumbled, but I am going to work hard to get there!

I'm re-dedicating myself, recommitting and re-kicking ass! I never gave up, I just lost my way, and now that I'm back on my path... well.... look out!

02 December 2011

Ah, Boot Camp.

Oh, how I've missed Boot Camp.  I did both this week, after a 2 week hiatus (one week of being sick, and one week of holidays) and I am pleasantly sore today.

Tuesday I did Rock Star Boot Camp, and it was pretty intense. Hardly any rest and one round of these crazy planks where you try to open up your hips and put your foot by your hand.  Yeah. Plus tons of lunges and squats on top of it.

Wednesday I was a big ball of sore, suffering from TSS (Toilet Seat Syndrome) pretty hard core.  And the fact that I sit all day doesn't help!

Yesterday, Thursday, I went to Katie's Fit Life.  It was cold and windy and sprinkling and she beat us down!  Lot's of repetitions, lots of squats and lots of lunges!  We did what she calls 100's... basically, you do 100 jumping jacks, 90 squats, 80 alternating lunges, 70 staggered squats, and there was another one for 60 but I forget what it was.  Then you start over with 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats and so on until you're done.

We also did a lot of work with medicine balls.  I used a 6 most of the time, but when we moved into teams Katie paired herself with me, and we got to use the 8 lb ball. YAY. lol to say my shoulders are sore is an understatement.  Oddly my legs feel much better, though! Lol

I probably won't get out hiking this weekend. I've got a busy weekend planned.  Tonight I'm grocery shopping so I have my Saturday free.  I'm spending Saturday morning with my amazing BF, then I have to take the cats to the vet for the comprehensive exams, then my best friend is coming over and we're going to watch some crazy military show and drink and be merry.  Girls night in - and much needed!

Sunday I don't plan on doing much.  I won't be getting up early enough to hike, though.  I might try to, but we'll see. It depends on how cold it is and how late I stay up the night before.

Sunday IS, however, the start of a new "program" for me!  I'll be taking my weight, measurements and monthly progress photos.  Last time I checked I was down to 191, which, if I weigh in at 191 this week would put me at 5 pounds lost for the month of November!  That would be awesome!  I'm PMS right now, so that 1 pound would be amazing.  And I'll be only 2 pounds away from the 180's, which would be nice. 

While I'd like to be down to my goal weight by Europe in May, I don't think that will happen. I'm going to try really hard though, and if I'm very good I can be down to 170 by then. Even that would be incredible!  I haven't seen 170 in... well, years and years!

Speaking of programs, I still have a few boot camps left.  I'll be attending Katie's every Thursday through the 22nd of December (so I have 3 left) and Rock Star every Tuesday through the 27th (I have 4 left).  Which works out perfectly!  It puts me right up to the end of the month.  I'll only have to figure out my own program for a couple of weeks before I start at Ultimate Body Boot Camp (another Groupon), 3x a week for the month of January.  Whee!

Then, after that... I'm not sure.  I'd like to sign up with Katie to do her boot camp twice a week, but it really depends on what's going on in my life at the time.  I have some exciting new possibilities that might mean I don't sign up for any boot camps just yet.  It will depend.

I'm working on a plan for what to do if I can't sign up for her boot camp. It will probably involve Jillian or Bob. haha.

Anyway, that's the plan and the update! I'll be sure to post updates this Sunday with new measurements and pics!