02 November 2011

What's That? 15 Pounds?

So yesterday I had Rock Star Boot Camp, and I used 15 pound weights THE ENTIRE TIME. 


So far, I've been really good about following the Paleo lifestyle - I mean REALLY good.  Last night, my theme was (unintentionally) green.  Kiwi, broccoli, asparagus and a home-made, quarter pound burger.

This morning I don't think I really had a theme, but man it was good!  Raspberries, a banana and turkey-bacon.

I'm really liking it, so far.  I'm fuller, that's for sure, and I don't get hungry or snack in the evenings.  I do still have my two snacks each day, and I find that I'm hungriest in the early afternoon - between my PM snack and dinner.  I'm trying different combinations of items to see what works best there.  Breakfast keeps me pretty full for a long time so I switched my apple to the am, where the sugar is less likely to make me super hungry shortly thereafter.

Also, I feel like my muscles are responding better.  Last night at boot camp when I was using those 15 pound weights... sure, there was a moment where I was like "holy crap, this is HARD" but I felt like they responded better, and like it was almost easier than it has been in the past. I feel stronger, and it's only day 4.

Also, I'm more energetic than I used to be.  I have definitely noticed an energy spike, which I love.  I still have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but I think probably everyone does.  Once I'm awake, I'm AWAKE, even without coffee or tea, which is great.

I have Katie's Fit Life on Thursday, which I'm looking forward to, and I purchased a new Groupon for a different boot camp (I think it's called Ultimate Body Bootcamp) but I'm not going to start that one until probably the January session.  I'll be able to go 3x a week for one month - a total of 12 sessions.  And it was only 29$ ~ I think it's still on sale for another few days or so.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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