09 November 2011

Weigh In Wendesdays (?)

I'm considering changing my weigh in day to Wednesdays.
Why Wednesdays, you ask?  Well, because for some reason that seems to be my lowest weight day of the entire week.  I could weigh 190 pounds on a Wednesday and by Sunday I'll be up to 195.  WTF is that about?

Anyway, it would be totally self serving but I'm really considering it.  Just in case you're wondering, I weighed in at 194 this morning. ha. It's not "official" though. yet.

Last night at Rock Star it was chilly, but a great work out.  We did a lot of band work, which I've never done at Rock Star, and it was a lot of hips and arms.  I used 15# weights again the entire time, which I'm very happy about.  I even thought that maybe I should have grabbed 20's, because the 15's almost seemed too light.  But it's only with certain exercises that I can handle more. I'm hoping that by the end of my 10-class trial I'll be up to 20#'s. =D

Speaking of the 10-class trial, both are going well.  I'm doing Rock Star and Katie's Fit Life.  I've decided I'm going to skip boot-camps on Thanksgiving week and make that an all cardio week (since I don't do enough of it).

That will put me through the 15th with Katie's and the 19th with Rock Star.  Of December. I'm pretty sure.  I could be wrong. I'll have to check my calendar.  Anyway it'll be about halfway through December.  haha.

Then I'll have my last personal training session the following week, and then I'll take a blissful week off of boot camp to spend with my dad and have another all-cardio week (and vacation)!

I have another boot-camp voucher that I've purchased through Groupon.  I'm pretty excited to try it, and I'll do that in the month of January.  It's good for 3 classes a week for the entire month - so 12 classes total.  I've decided that after that one is done, I want to sign on full time with Katie's Fit Life, I just have to chat with her about it and figure out the details.

So... that's the plan!
Oh, and my new shoes: AH-MAY-ZING! I love them! I didn't have any problems standing or jumping or anything last night! They're so comfy! And my arches didn't hurt last night after the workout, either! I can't wait to wear them again tomorrow night at Katie's! Wheee!


  1. Finding the right shoe is such a blessing! I hate spending the money but they really are the most important fitness equipment you can buy. 15 pound weights for the whole Boot Camp??? You're definitely a rock star! Actually... it makes A LOT of sense to weigh in on a Wednesday. It gives your body time to recover from the weekend, and probably your sodium levels are "normal"

  2. great idea to buy those boot camp vouchers thru groupon! just seeing the word "boot camp" intimidates me though... sounds hard! :) keep up the good work!