07 November 2011

Oh, and One More Thing...

Oh man, I almost forgot!

So I mentioned that I went for a run on Sunday in my previous blog, right? Well, I almost forgot to mention the awesome inspiration moment that happened while I was jogging!

So I was almost done with my jog, on the last leg home, and feeling pretty wiped out.  I was going to slow to a walk for a few hundred feet or so, when I saw these two runners coming towards me.

One of the women was older and the other was younger (I think mom and daughter) and the younger one was wearing this really cute yellow running jacket but was clearly overweight (hey -- so am I, I'm not hatin').  I was all "WOW! Kudos to her for being out here running!  She's doing so well! Look at her go!  Wheeee!"

And then I thought "Hey, that's what I must look like!"  So I didn't want to stop because if this girl can jog her little heart out, so can I!  I can't stop!

As we jogged closer to each other I saw her smiling, and I started to smile.  Then she waved, and I waved back.  It was great!  It was a moment of encouragement from one over-weight runner to the next.  She was telling me not to give up, keep smiling, you can do this!  I hope that I conveyed the same sense of awesome back to her!

And that's my story.  It was awesome.  I know that every time I go jogging I'll think of her, and I hope I run into her when I'm out running again.

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  1. I can't speak for a stranger, but my best guess would be that you did convey that message in your smile, either way, you definitely inspired me with your blog. Thank you!