07 November 2011

Dear Rain: You Suck.

So I officially lost 1 pound last week, putting me down at 195 from 196. Pretty exciting stuff.  Even though the night before I'd "binged" on a few drinks and a tiny sliver of chocolate cake. 

I know. I know.  Chocolate cake is NOT Paleo.  We went out to eat for my best friend's birthday and I was really really good!  Sure I had a few drinks, but ok, so what? They might not have been ideal, but they weren't terrible.  A Whiskey sour made with fresh squeezed orange juice and agave nectar. Yum!  And well, she got a birthday dessert - 7 layer chocolate cake! we all had a piece, and mine was a tiny little sliver with not a lot of frosting.  It was delicious! It was not, however, worth the tummy ache I had on Sunday =(

So at least I've learned that lesson, right?

But I did still lose 1 pound, despite the chocolate cake and the bloating and the PMS. I HATE PMS. 

I had planned a great hike with the BF on Saturday morning, which didn't happen.  Thanks, rain.  We woke up and it was cold and over-cast, but the forecast said it wasn't supposed to rain until Saturday evening.  So we got ready and left.  We drove 30 minutes to get to the parking site and as soon as we got out of the car and started heading towards the trail -- BAM -- rain.  It started dumping on us.  So dumb!  We turned around and went home, because neither of us are willing to be cold and wet and miserable that early in the morning.

We went grocery shopping, then I left to go get my BFF.  We shopped - and walked around like crazy! So I guess that counts as my cardio for that day.  Then we had dinner.  Sunday I was going to recoup my losses and hit the hike again, but it was FREE-ZING when I got up to leave so I decided to wait until later in the day and just go for a run instead.

So Sunday I went running for the first time in months.  It was pretty great! I even sprinted for a while.  Yeah! Not going to lie, I felt pretty darn powerful.  

The plan this week is to do both boot camps again and figure out my schedule for Thanksgiving -- since I usually do a boot camp on Thursday but I'm sure that they won't be having one that day.  I'm thinking I'll do Tuesday/Wednesday or Monday/Tuesday. OR... I might just skip one that week. Or both! I might do my own thing and catch up on Nano!  We'll see!

Other than the bootcamps, I'm going to work on my cardio and do some more running -- when it's not raining, and maybe some more jump roping.  I'm hoping I can pull 2 pounds this week!

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