29 November 2011

Dead? No, Just Sick.

I have been mysteriously absent lately, I know.  But never fear -- I haven't died, I've just been sick.

Two weeks ago I came down with some nasty business.  Not only was I exceptionally stressed at work and piled on with way too many projects, but I was starting to sniffle.  The sniffles turned into a full on illness and I spent 2 and a half days curled up on my couch sleeping and watching Dr. Who or playing Lego Star Wars.

I'm still suffering from some sinus congestion, but other than that I'm feeling healthy again.
Last Friday I went for a hike up Sunrise Peak.  It was extraordinarily hard but I did it, even though I wanted to quit several times.  I ran the entire way down the mountain.  Well, mostly, anyway.  For the next two days I had trouble walking.  Again, worth it.

I'm down 2 pounds -- my official weight is now 192. I should probably update that, eh?

And I'm signed up for both boot-camps this week.  I'll be doing both for the next several weeks, finishing up just after Christmas on Tuesday, the 27th with my final boot-camp of the year.

Then I have another groupon for a different bootcamp, that will start sometime in January (they haven't updated their dates yet, so I should really call someone).  It's called Ultimate Body Bootcamp.  Anyway it should be a good challenge, we'll see.  I'll go 3x a week to that one.

In the meantime, I'm just doing a lot of hiking.  Work is still exceptionally stressful, but hopefully that will all calm down soon. Or so I hope.

There are some exciting things in the future but I won't get into them until I have more detailed information.

And the Europe trip is fully underway.  We have flights purchased and a rental car booked.  All we have to do now is book our hostels and train tickets and purchase the last of our supplies. YAY!

So, I think that's the official update.  I'm still here, still swinging, and fortunately in good health now.

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  1. Sorry you've been sick. I was wondering what's been going on with you. Congratulations on being down 2 pounds! That's fantastic! RyderB