29 November 2011

Dead? No, Just Sick.

I have been mysteriously absent lately, I know.  But never fear -- I haven't died, I've just been sick.

Two weeks ago I came down with some nasty business.  Not only was I exceptionally stressed at work and piled on with way too many projects, but I was starting to sniffle.  The sniffles turned into a full on illness and I spent 2 and a half days curled up on my couch sleeping and watching Dr. Who or playing Lego Star Wars.

I'm still suffering from some sinus congestion, but other than that I'm feeling healthy again.
Last Friday I went for a hike up Sunrise Peak.  It was extraordinarily hard but I did it, even though I wanted to quit several times.  I ran the entire way down the mountain.  Well, mostly, anyway.  For the next two days I had trouble walking.  Again, worth it.

I'm down 2 pounds -- my official weight is now 192. I should probably update that, eh?

And I'm signed up for both boot-camps this week.  I'll be doing both for the next several weeks, finishing up just after Christmas on Tuesday, the 27th with my final boot-camp of the year.

Then I have another groupon for a different bootcamp, that will start sometime in January (they haven't updated their dates yet, so I should really call someone).  It's called Ultimate Body Bootcamp.  Anyway it should be a good challenge, we'll see.  I'll go 3x a week to that one.

In the meantime, I'm just doing a lot of hiking.  Work is still exceptionally stressful, but hopefully that will all calm down soon. Or so I hope.

There are some exciting things in the future but I won't get into them until I have more detailed information.

And the Europe trip is fully underway.  We have flights purchased and a rental car booked.  All we have to do now is book our hostels and train tickets and purchase the last of our supplies. YAY!

So, I think that's the official update.  I'm still here, still swinging, and fortunately in good health now.

15 November 2011

I Hate Stress

It's no secret: I hate stress.  I think most people probably do.  Right now, I'm under immense pressure at my job.  And on top of that pressure is even more pressure, because I know that in just a few short weeks I'll be holding down the fort at work pretty much all by my lonesome.

And then there's Nanowrimo, which I was participating in, on top of my rigorous fitness routine.  Nano has slipped and is beyond my grasp - writing should be fun - so all I have left is my fitness and my stress from work.

Fortunately, the fitness pretty much takes care of the stress, but I don't have much room for anything else right now that requires cognitive thought.

Anyway, I was supposed to post my weigh in on Sunday.  I'll tell you what: I lost 1 pound. Yay! I'm happy about that, even though I wish it were more.  I'll take it.  I feel stronger than ever.

I'm still considering switching my weigh ins to Wednesday.  We'll see. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and see where I'm at and maybe I'll have a Weigh In Wednesday and just a Sunday check in. who knows.

My hike last weekend - on Saturday - was INTENSE.  The BF and I did Sunrise Peak for the first time.  It's 2 miles of zig-zaggy, uphill, rocky trail.  After that it evens out a bit, and the trail declines for about another 2 miles before meeting up with a few other trails.  I'd like to do the whole 8 miles (4 miles out and 4 miles back) but it will have to be on a day I go by myself or the BF doesn't work, because that's a really rigorous hike!

The people on the trail were really friendly, though.  One lady seemed to know almost everyone there! It was a lot of fun and definitely my new favorite hike - very challenging and new.

Other than that, this week I'm going to miss one boot camp because of the mega stress I'm feeling right now.  I'm taking the night to meditate and not do anything that involves much thought.  Thursday I'll still attend Katie's Fit Life.  Next week is all-cardio and hiking.  I want to go hiking 3 days next week since I have a 4 day weekend.  I think that would be so killer!

Then it's back to the routine -- 2 boot camps + cardio until late December (when I run out of boot camps).

Also, my BFF and I bought our tickets to Europe for next May, so the trip is officially on! We're super excited.  It also means I need to get my butt in gear and drop some pounds so I can be as fit as possible for the trip! Whee!

11 November 2011

This White Girl Can't Jump

You'll have to forgive me today, as I'm not feeling my usual perky, bouncy self.  Part of this is due to mother nature and that monthly "gift", and part of this is due to some serious stress going on at work.

Work first: my bosses last day was yesterday and my closest coworker told me yesterday that she was offered an opportunity at another company and is leaving the day before Thanksgiving.  To add to that, the only other person in our department who is "in charge" is going on maternity leave the first week of December.  So after she leaves, it will pretty much be just me.  I mean, we have 2 other people in our department, but one is probably trying to get fired and is never here, and the other will probably be moved to another department when our team get's reorganized.  But wait -- there's more!  We're in the middle of a HUGE project and most of the stuff that needs to get done is falling on my shoulders -- and it normally wouldn't.  Then, after that, we have another HUGE project and I'm going to be the only one here to work on it.  Me. By myself. To say that the success or failure of that second project is all on me is absolutely not an understatement.  And then there's the lingering fact that I'm pretty much going to be alone in my department for 2 months.  Throw all that in a blender and hit puree and you've got one messed up, stressed out, liquified girl.

So to say that yesterday was really stressful and depressing is kind of an understatement.  Throw my monthly emotions into the mix and... well... it's just not good.

But I went to bootcamp anyway, excited to work off some of my aggression and get my burn in despite feeling lousy.  I was even hoping that it would improve my mood.

Bootcamp was really.... REALLY hard.  Katie was out, so we had... oh man... Jenny? I think her name is Jenny. Anyway, she set up a 4 station rotation.  We warmed up with a crap-ton of squats (seriously, I couldn't feel my thighs by the time we were done warming up), then we'd do each station twice.  We took a "break" in the middle to do a crap ton more squats, then we did a different set of 4 stations twice through, then we did a bunch more squats.  It was the longest hour ever.

Also, I discovered that I cannot jump.  One of the stations was on a bosu ball.  You would sit on the ball, do a crunch and then pop up and jump.  I felt like an turtle on it's back -- I seriously could not pop up off that damn bosu ball and jump up.  It didn't matter how much I grunted or groaned or yelled or cried, I could not get myself to pop up.  Jenny came over and noticed I was struggling and told me to just do crunches.

Sometimes I feel like she thinks that I'm this fat moron who can't do anything and she spends extra time encouraging me because she thinks I have no self-motivation or drive or something.  I dunno... sometimes I appreciate it, but mostly it's just irritating.  I get the feeling from her that she doesn't think I can do these things.  Granted, yesterday I was epic-emotional so I'm probably just reading too much into it, but that's not the first time I've felt that from her.

Anyway, it's all good. She's really encouraging which is great and her workouts are challenging and different from Katie's.  I like her, I just think that our personalities might clash a little.  Which is OK -- she just fills in for Katie sometimes and it's good to work with different people. 

So. That's that.  I can't jump, my work is super stressful, I haven't written anything for nano in a few days which is bothering me, and I'm super duper tired today.

I did feel better after boot camp yesterday.  I am going to go for a jog after work. I get to see my boyfriend tonight.  Tomorrow we're picking up my bountiful basket and then we're going hiking which always makes me feel better, and tonight after my jog I'm going to write for nano.  It will be a great weekend.  Also I'm hoping the fact that they're pretty much burying me in stress at work will mean that someone will give me a well-deserved raise. haha.

09 November 2011

Weigh In Wendesdays (?)

I'm considering changing my weigh in day to Wednesdays.
Why Wednesdays, you ask?  Well, because for some reason that seems to be my lowest weight day of the entire week.  I could weigh 190 pounds on a Wednesday and by Sunday I'll be up to 195.  WTF is that about?

Anyway, it would be totally self serving but I'm really considering it.  Just in case you're wondering, I weighed in at 194 this morning. ha. It's not "official" though. yet.

Last night at Rock Star it was chilly, but a great work out.  We did a lot of band work, which I've never done at Rock Star, and it was a lot of hips and arms.  I used 15# weights again the entire time, which I'm very happy about.  I even thought that maybe I should have grabbed 20's, because the 15's almost seemed too light.  But it's only with certain exercises that I can handle more. I'm hoping that by the end of my 10-class trial I'll be up to 20#'s. =D

Speaking of the 10-class trial, both are going well.  I'm doing Rock Star and Katie's Fit Life.  I've decided I'm going to skip boot-camps on Thanksgiving week and make that an all cardio week (since I don't do enough of it).

That will put me through the 15th with Katie's and the 19th with Rock Star.  Of December. I'm pretty sure.  I could be wrong. I'll have to check my calendar.  Anyway it'll be about halfway through December.  haha.

Then I'll have my last personal training session the following week, and then I'll take a blissful week off of boot camp to spend with my dad and have another all-cardio week (and vacation)!

I have another boot-camp voucher that I've purchased through Groupon.  I'm pretty excited to try it, and I'll do that in the month of January.  It's good for 3 classes a week for the entire month - so 12 classes total.  I've decided that after that one is done, I want to sign on full time with Katie's Fit Life, I just have to chat with her about it and figure out the details.

So... that's the plan!
Oh, and my new shoes: AH-MAY-ZING! I love them! I didn't have any problems standing or jumping or anything last night! They're so comfy! And my arches didn't hurt last night after the workout, either! I can't wait to wear them again tomorrow night at Katie's! Wheee!

08 November 2011

Paleo: Week 2 + Sneaky Winter Weather

Well, it's official: it's winter.  I dislike being cold, but unfortunately it is that time of year.  And sure, we don't have it quite as bad in AZ as most places do.  It doesn't snow in the greater Phoenix area, and winter is generally "mild"... but there's something about that first cold snap of the year that just takes your breath away -- you know?

Working out at Rock Star boot camp tonight is going to be cold. I just know it.  I'll be wearing my signature long sleeve + short sleeve shirt combo and hopefully warming up fast.  Maybe I'll jog around the block first?

I'm pretty excited, though, because I get to wear my new kicks for the first time!! I bought shoes JUST for boot camps.  They're pretty sweet.

I'm also heading into week 2 of Paleo and I have to say, I'm loving it!  I don't really have any trouble picking out foods that fit within the diet, and I'm trying a lot of things that I otherwise might not.  It does mean that I have to cook more often than I generally like to, but I try to make big meals on the weekends so I have left overs for the week.

My current left overs are Ceviche and crock-pot pork loin.  I have a bunch of frozen pork loin, too.  There was so much of it! I love sales!  

The only thing I'm struggling with is trying to figure out the perfect afternoon snack.  I have breakfast around 5 or 5.30 am, which keeps me full until my AM snack, which is around 8.30 or 9am.  I have lunch around 11 or 11.30am and then my PM snack I usually eat around 2.30 pm... but I'm ALWAYS hungry by the time I get home at 4.30!  I inevitably eat something small before boot camp, or if I don't have boot camp I try to keep my mind off it until dinner at 5 or 6. I can't not eat before boot camp, though.  Anyway, I'm working on figuring out the perfect afternoon snack to keep me fueled and NOT HUNGRY until 6pm or so.

Though, I do have to say, I haven't been hungry in the evenings after dinner, which is nice.

Something I have to work on changing is my cardio habits.  I'm not really very good about doing cardio on the days when I don't have boot camp.  I need to be.  I usually hike once on the weekends, which is a great, calorie burning workout.  But on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I find myself... not.  This needs to change!!

With Nano going on, it's hard to find time to both write and workout, but I'm not exactly a focused writer in the evenings, so if that means I go for a workout first then that's what I'll do!  I need to focus on change to get results -- not the other way around... I can't just keep looking at the results that I want and expect change... that's not how it works!

Which means that even if its cold out I need to WORK OUT.  Take that, Winter.  I'm going to own you.

07 November 2011

Oh, and One More Thing...

Oh man, I almost forgot!

So I mentioned that I went for a run on Sunday in my previous blog, right? Well, I almost forgot to mention the awesome inspiration moment that happened while I was jogging!

So I was almost done with my jog, on the last leg home, and feeling pretty wiped out.  I was going to slow to a walk for a few hundred feet or so, when I saw these two runners coming towards me.

One of the women was older and the other was younger (I think mom and daughter) and the younger one was wearing this really cute yellow running jacket but was clearly overweight (hey -- so am I, I'm not hatin').  I was all "WOW! Kudos to her for being out here running!  She's doing so well! Look at her go!  Wheeee!"

And then I thought "Hey, that's what I must look like!"  So I didn't want to stop because if this girl can jog her little heart out, so can I!  I can't stop!

As we jogged closer to each other I saw her smiling, and I started to smile.  Then she waved, and I waved back.  It was great!  It was a moment of encouragement from one over-weight runner to the next.  She was telling me not to give up, keep smiling, you can do this!  I hope that I conveyed the same sense of awesome back to her!

And that's my story.  It was awesome.  I know that every time I go jogging I'll think of her, and I hope I run into her when I'm out running again.

Dear Rain: You Suck.

So I officially lost 1 pound last week, putting me down at 195 from 196. Pretty exciting stuff.  Even though the night before I'd "binged" on a few drinks and a tiny sliver of chocolate cake. 

I know. I know.  Chocolate cake is NOT Paleo.  We went out to eat for my best friend's birthday and I was really really good!  Sure I had a few drinks, but ok, so what? They might not have been ideal, but they weren't terrible.  A Whiskey sour made with fresh squeezed orange juice and agave nectar. Yum!  And well, she got a birthday dessert - 7 layer chocolate cake! we all had a piece, and mine was a tiny little sliver with not a lot of frosting.  It was delicious! It was not, however, worth the tummy ache I had on Sunday =(

So at least I've learned that lesson, right?

But I did still lose 1 pound, despite the chocolate cake and the bloating and the PMS. I HATE PMS. 

I had planned a great hike with the BF on Saturday morning, which didn't happen.  Thanks, rain.  We woke up and it was cold and over-cast, but the forecast said it wasn't supposed to rain until Saturday evening.  So we got ready and left.  We drove 30 minutes to get to the parking site and as soon as we got out of the car and started heading towards the trail -- BAM -- rain.  It started dumping on us.  So dumb!  We turned around and went home, because neither of us are willing to be cold and wet and miserable that early in the morning.

We went grocery shopping, then I left to go get my BFF.  We shopped - and walked around like crazy! So I guess that counts as my cardio for that day.  Then we had dinner.  Sunday I was going to recoup my losses and hit the hike again, but it was FREE-ZING when I got up to leave so I decided to wait until later in the day and just go for a run instead.

So Sunday I went running for the first time in months.  It was pretty great! I even sprinted for a while.  Yeah! Not going to lie, I felt pretty darn powerful.  

The plan this week is to do both boot camps again and figure out my schedule for Thanksgiving -- since I usually do a boot camp on Thursday but I'm sure that they won't be having one that day.  I'm thinking I'll do Tuesday/Wednesday or Monday/Tuesday. OR... I might just skip one that week. Or both! I might do my own thing and catch up on Nano!  We'll see!

Other than the bootcamps, I'm going to work on my cardio and do some more running -- when it's not raining, and maybe some more jump roping.  I'm hoping I can pull 2 pounds this week!

03 November 2011

Oh, For Geeze

So I'm feeling pretty good about how this week has gone.  I've been to boot camp, I've done a lot of walking, I've been eating within my range... I haven't really done any cardio, though.  And I know I need to.

Maybe I'm nervous, I dunno.

Also, I'm having a fat day. I HATE fat days. I don't feel awesome today, but that's ok.  I have boot camp tonight with Katie and I'm going to rock it!

I'm already over 10,000 words for my Nano novel - which is great, since my goal was 10,000 by Saturday... something I thought would be really hard to achieve.

I've also got a really good hike planned with the BF for Saturday morning.  Followed by shopping with my BFF for her birthday, which will mean lots of mall walking.  We're having dinner at Chang's that night, but I already know what I'm going to order.

Paleo is going well.  I'm full and I have tons of energy.  I'm still working on perfecting my snacks in the afternoon so that I'm not hungry by 4.30 pm.  I've discovered I love coconut milk.

Otherwise, all is right in the world.  I'm supposed to "start" late next week, but since I'm feeling bloaty and gross and fat today I'm hoping I start earlier.  I'd rather just get it over with. Bootcamp should cure the bloaty feeling, tho.

Happy Thursday.

02 November 2011

What's That? 15 Pounds?

So yesterday I had Rock Star Boot Camp, and I used 15 pound weights THE ENTIRE TIME. 


So far, I've been really good about following the Paleo lifestyle - I mean REALLY good.  Last night, my theme was (unintentionally) green.  Kiwi, broccoli, asparagus and a home-made, quarter pound burger.

This morning I don't think I really had a theme, but man it was good!  Raspberries, a banana and turkey-bacon.

I'm really liking it, so far.  I'm fuller, that's for sure, and I don't get hungry or snack in the evenings.  I do still have my two snacks each day, and I find that I'm hungriest in the early afternoon - between my PM snack and dinner.  I'm trying different combinations of items to see what works best there.  Breakfast keeps me pretty full for a long time so I switched my apple to the am, where the sugar is less likely to make me super hungry shortly thereafter.

Also, I feel like my muscles are responding better.  Last night at boot camp when I was using those 15 pound weights... sure, there was a moment where I was like "holy crap, this is HARD" but I felt like they responded better, and like it was almost easier than it has been in the past. I feel stronger, and it's only day 4.

Also, I'm more energetic than I used to be.  I have definitely noticed an energy spike, which I love.  I still have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but I think probably everyone does.  Once I'm awake, I'm AWAKE, even without coffee or tea, which is great.

I have Katie's Fit Life on Thursday, which I'm looking forward to, and I purchased a new Groupon for a different boot camp (I think it's called Ultimate Body Bootcamp) but I'm not going to start that one until probably the January session.  I'll be able to go 3x a week for one month - a total of 12 sessions.  And it was only 29$ ~ I think it's still on sale for another few days or so.

Anyway, that's all for now.

01 November 2011

Running? Yeah, Not So Much.

I didn't run yesterday.

I ran errands - but not an actual run.  Which is OK. I cooked, and ran errands, and took pics for some new drinks.  I was busy, I wasn't sitting around on my butt.

I went to bed early, and this morning I got up early to get started on my Nano novel.  I've already exceeded my goal for the day, so that's definitely a happy way to start the day.

Tonight is bootcamp, then I'll do some more writing.  I wanted to making Ceviche tonight but I forgot to defrost the shrimp, so I'll probably make burgers instead.

Woooooo yeah, crazy November here we go!