07 October 2011

Update for the last 2 days w/o Internet

So I didn't have internet for the last two days at home and I'm super annoyed, but more on that later.  Here are my totals for Wed & Thurs:

Here are my totals for Wed:
Calories burned: 2418
Calories consumed: 1587
Deficit: 831
Nutrition: Protein - 20%  Carbs - 52%  Fat - 28% 
Steps: 5,577
Physical Activity: 50 minutes
Here are my totals for Thurs:
Calories burned: 2725
Calories consumed: 1658
Deficit: 1067
Nutrition: Protein - 23%  Carbs - 47%  Fat - 30% 
Steps: 8,776
Physical Activity: 1 hour 22 minutes

Tuesday I had my workout with Ryne at Premier Fitness.  It was actually REALLY good.  I expected him to mostly try to sell me on the gym, but he wasn't pushy and was very knowledgeable.  He respected my goals and gave me a KILLER workout.  I was sweating within 5 minutes -- which was super embarrassing but hey, it's a workout, you're supposed to sweat.

"Sweat is fat crying." -- Yoovie

Then yesterday, Thursday, I had my workout at Katie's Fit Life Boot-Camp.  It was AMAZING. I ended up being about 15 minutes late because my printed confirmation said 7pm, but the class (starting sept. 1) actually begins at 6pm.  I realized right around 6 that it was getting dark and so I figured I'd head out there anyway, and if I was 45 minutes early then I could just walk around the park.  Good thing I left when I did! We did all kinds of squats and lunges and leg workouts and Katie is very knowledgeable and fun.  I'm definitely considering signing up for that boot-camp when my MetaFit pass expires.

So the reason I've been MIA for the last 2 days is because my internet went down.  AGAIN. It went down early in September (with a DNS connection error) and the guy at Cox fixed it right away.  This time I got a DNS connection error again but they couldn't fix it.  I spent an hour on the phone with them on Wednesday night.  Seriously.

They scheduled a tech to come out tonight but last night I ended up fixing it on my own.  My wireless router won't connect to a DNS server (which is super annoying) but I managed to get my ethernet to connect to Google's public DNS and that is working just fine.  It still won't connect to the Cox DNS, however.  Anyway, that's why I've been MIA.  But I'm back now - Yay!

I'm planning on attending Katie's Boot-Camps for the entire 10 class allowance, which will put me into the 2nd week of December - December 8th, to be exact, will be my last class.  After that I'll have to pay to sign up.  I'm not 100% sure how expensive her classes are but I think it's about 100$ a month for 2 classes a week.  I'm hoping by December I can afford that... for at least a few months, anyway. I really liked her class.

Next week, on Tuesday, I have my first class at Rock Star Boot Camp.  I'm really excited. One of my friends goes there and loves it - plus she's had some amazing results.  I can attend 10 classes at that boot camp, too, so that will put me into December as well - December 13th.  This is, of course, assuming I don't miss any weeks.  
I plan on doing Rock Star Boot Camp on Tuesday's and Katie's Fit Life Boot-Camp on Thursdays.  On the day's in between I'll do cardio and one extra strength training day per week (to make it 3) and then Saturday or Sunday I'll go for a nice hike.  I think that's a pretty well rounded fitness schedule!  If I didn't have my stupid student loans I could totally afford to do more Fitness.  
I'll still have 10 classes remaining after I finish my 10 classes at Katie's and my 10 at Rock-Star (because I have a 30-class pass total). I'm not sure where I'll use them.  There's another boot-camp that's not too far away, so I may try that one out, we'll see.  I'll have another personal training session, too, which I'll be using in January (most likely) and hopefully by then I'll have lost a decent amount of weight and can impress Ryne with my determination. haha. That way I can get another set of workouts that are more challenging. =D

I know that November is going to be a tough month because of NaNoWriMo... I'll need to dedicate a lot of time to writing.  Plus work will be INSANE that month.  We have a lot of stuff to do.  So I'm going to really have to learn to manage my time... If I had a laptop it would be much easier but I just can't afford one yet =/  Anyway, I'm planning on doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred during November for at least 2 days a week on the days when I don't go to boot-camp.  That should balance things out.

Ok - I'm outta here.  Stay on track everyone!

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