09 October 2011

Sunday Stat-Day

Ok, again I have two updates - Friday and Saturday. I was too busy on Saturday to blog (which sucks) but I did REALLY well. 

My official weight for my weigh in today is 194!  That's -2 pounds from last week! YEAH!  And on a PMS week, too! BOOYA!  My deficit for the week was 7137!

Here are my totals for Fri:
Calories burned: 2461
Calories consumed: 1529
Nutrition: Protein - 27%  Carbs - 55%  Fat - 18% 
Steps: 5,649
Physical Activity: 47 minutes
Here are my totals for Sat:
Calories burned: 3744
Calories consumed: 1692
Deficit: 2052
Nutrition: Protein - 29%  Carbs - 40%  Fat - 31% 
Steps: 22,279
Physical Activity: 3 hours 04 minutes
So... yesterday was kick ass.  I mean... kick ASS. I burned almost 4,000 calories!! I hiked the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Gateway loop trail. It was about an hour and a half and it wasn't TOO hard, but it was GORGEOUS and very fun. Great weather, too.

Then later that day I went to the mall with my BF and BFF.  We walked around a lot there, too, so that explains the ridiculous # of steps. haha.  I knew it was going to be a crazy amount of steps but I was thinking "how cool would it be if I hit 20,000 steps for the day?" and BAM. 22,000! IN-SANE.

I'm very pleased with my progress. I'm down 2 pounds from last week and I'm excited to try the new boot camp on Tuesday.

I also picked up some spinach chicken sausages and ground turkey, and I'm making Curried Butternut Squash Soup in my crockpot. YUM!

Hopefully next week will show a similar loss, especially since it's going to be THAT TIME, if ya know what I mean.  Also, next weekend I'll be out of town in Vegas for two days, so I'm not sure how that will impact my eating. Hopefully not too terribly.  It's for a wedding but I don't think there is a reception (it's kind of last minute).  I will definitely be checking in late, unfortunately, next weekend but I'm hoping for a loss. =)

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