02 October 2011

Sunday Stat-Day & October Goals

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2692
Calories consumed: 1671
Deficit: 1021
Nutrition: Protein - 27%  Carbs - 42%  Fat - 31% 
Steps: 9,055
Physical Activity: 55 minutes
And my official weight/measurements for the month...
weight: 196
waist: 34
hips: 46
thighs: 22
calf: 15
upper arm: 13
lower arm: 9.5

So last week technically lost zero pounds.  Mid week I was down to 195, but by the end of the week I was back up to 196.  I hate how weight can fluctuate like that...it's so frustrating! But at the same time I'm proud of the work I put in and I know I ate really well and worked out.  Could I have pushed harder? Yeah, for sure, but I'm proud of what I accomplished last week.

This month, I have some hard core strength training routines planned.  I'm also going to probably have to adjust them.  Right now I have myself doing strength training on Sun, Tues and Thurs, but I'm going to be doing boot camps on Tues & Thurs, so I'll definitely need to switch that up.  Probably what I'll do is Sun, Mon and Wed.  Friday won't work because I have stuff planned most Friday's this week.  Maybe Sun, Wed and Sat? We'll just have to see.

Without further adieu, here are my "before" photos.

My Goals for October are:
  • Lose 7 pounds
  • No soda, sweets or alcohol
  • Complete each weekly challenge task
My challenge task for this week: do 30 minutes of cardio (min) each day.

My workout schedule looks like this:
Sun, Tues & Thurs: circuit 1 strength training +30 minutes cardio
Mon, Wed & Fri: 30 - 45 minutes cardio
Saturday: hike / 60 minutes cardio

As I mentioned I also have some extras.  Tuesday I have my first personal training session (free) with my MetaBody Pass.  I'm hoping we actually do a workout.  Thursday evening I'm trying out a new bootcamp.

So I'm going to need to adjust my schedule.  Today I'll do my strength training (I already got in 60 minutes of cardio - the BF and I went for a long walk) and tomorrow I'll do my Tuesday strength training.  Wednesday or Friday (depending) I'll do my Thursday strength training.

Hat's off to a fantastic October!

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