14 October 2011

So Sore! So Worth It!

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2603
Calories consumed: 1679
Deficit: 924
Nutrition: Protein - 28%  Carbs - 52%  Fat - 20% 
Steps: 7,712
Physical Activity: 1 hour 14 minutes
I feel somewhat cheated, somehow.  Like I should have burned at least 500 extra calories. But 2603 is a good number, and I know I worked REALLY HARD.

That image up there - that really describes how hard I worked yesterday.  I worked so hard I physically was incapable of moving anymore.  But somehow I took a quick break and then I kept going.  But it was hard.  Really hard.

I felt kind of like a loser yesterday - and not in a good way.  For some reason, I couldn't keep up with the rest of the group (there weren't many of us) and even though there was one lady there who was clearly sucking at everything worse than me, I was the one the instructor singled out and I was the one that felt like a small child.  I hate that feeling.

To make matters more interesting, it wasn't the usual instructor.  It was this really bubbly woman named Jenny who fills in for Katie some nights.  Jenny was super - she was energetic and positive and really helped keep us going.  And the workout was really, really hard.  I think part of the reason it was so challenging for me was because I was still recovering from Rock Star Boot Camp on Tuesday.  But my body needs to get over that and move on - I need to be able to do this.  There is no reason why I can't do two boot camps in one week.

The other reason, of course, is probably because my body decided to hold out until last night to open the flood gates. Of course.  So I was weak and tired and sore and we did a million squats and a million push ups.  I was having a hard time driving home because my arm muscles were so tired I could hardly hold the steering wheel!  I didn't even realize that it took that much muscle to hold a steering wheel!

Regardless of feeling like a small child who can't do anything right - I'm really proud of the effort I put in yesterday.  I am strong and I feel strong and I'll just rock it out next week even harder!  Probably I just haven't worked that hard in a long time, and that's why it felt so hard.  Of course, it could have been the crab walk.... I just hate the crab walk.

I'll leave you with one final note: 

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