12 October 2011

Rock Star Boot Camp Remains 73 Days Puke Free

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2621
Calories consumed: 1590
Deficit: 1031
Nutrition: Protein - 25%  Carbs - 52%  Fat - 23% 
Steps: 8,133
Physical Activity: 1 hour 27 minutes
Not too shabby. It's not the 2750 that I was hoping for - and I worked hard at that Boot Camp - but it's not a bad number, either.  I'm still hitting - hells, exceeding - my deficit goal of 1000 calories. YAY!

When I arrived Curtis, the guy who runs Rock Star Boot Camp, told me that they were 73 days Puke Free. It was implied that I wouldn't break that streak.  I didn't. GO ME!  I did work really hard, and it was a challenging workout.  I was expecting it to be full of things I'd never done before, but everything he had us do yesterday I'd done previously.
I'll do Rock Star again next Tuesday. For sure.

Tomorrow I'm doing Katie's boot camp.  She turned me on to Emergen-C and I LOVE them!  I'm having some right now.  It's an easy way to drink water (because it tastes yummy) and it's fizzy, which I sometimes crave, and it has all kinds of vitamins.  
Tonight I have some errands to run but nothing too time consuming. I'll probably go for a walk this evening.  I'm a little sore from the workout yesterday but not too bad.  I was wired last night - I didn't go to sleep until almost 11, which is late for me.  I'll probably crash early tonight. haha.

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