13 October 2011

Post Boot Camp Soreness + Another One Tonight!

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2455
Calories consumed: 1627
Deficit: 828
Nutrition: Protein - 22%  Carbs - 59%  Fat - 19% 
Steps: 7,382
Physical Activity: 57 minutes
So not terrible, but not great either.  I was super sore yesterday by the time I got home and I had tons of domestic things to do so I didn't workout.  I did move a bunch, but obviously I was about 250 calories short of my "to burn" goal.

That's ok, though! I'm still 500 calories OVER what I need to be by today (I'm at -4500 and I only need to be at -4000).  Technically I should be showing a pound loss already but my body is being annoying.  It's "THAT TIME" (ladies, you know what I mean), except I was supposed to start Tuesday. Instead - and I'm sure this is the case - my body is holding off until the most inconvenient possible time and then the flood gates will open.

I have a wedding to attend this weekend and I'm going to be in a dress, so I'm sure that Friday and Saturday will be the days I bleed like I've cut an artery.

I have Katie's bootcamp to attend tonight, and even though I'm kind of sore, I'm super excited!  I won't have a lot of time tonight, though.  I received a package... at my old address, so I have to go pick it up.  I have to somehow stuff my face with food before boot camp after picking up the package.  I have to come home and shower.  I have to pack for the weekend.  I have to clean my apartment a little.  I have to drop off a key at my BFF's place so she can feed my cats.

Yeah, it's going to be a long night. Hopefully all the running around will help me burn a whole bunch more calories!  Cheers!

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