19 October 2011

Oh, The Squats!

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2763
Calories consumed: 1591
Deficit: 1172
Nutrition: Protein - 27%  Carbs - 45%  Fat - 28% 
Steps: 9,325
Physical Activity: 1 hour 6 minutes
Pretty good, I think.  I definitely would not have burned quite so many calories if I hadn't had to move desks in the morning.  I not only moved myself, but I also re-adjusted my computer hook ups, moved a computer terminal that we use to test things, and moved my coworkers things.  She travels a lot. 
The workout at Rock Star Boot Camp was intense. Lots of squatting and dead lifting and sprinting.  Gotta say, the backs of my thighs are definitely sore!  I even decided to challenge myself and use a 15 pound weight for dead-lifts.  My arms are kind of sore, but not really.... I'm considering using 20 pounds next week depending on what he has us do.  I think I can handle it for certain exercises.
I expect I'll get another really good workout on Thursday when I attend Katie's Fit Life Boot Camp. Plus prior to that I have pictures to take at a restaurant all day.  Thursday and Friday both I'll be at a restaurant taking pics all day.  Those will prove to be long days, but I'll burn extra calories.
Tonight I'm going for a jog if it kills me.  I have got to do something to keep myself active on the days I don't attend boot camp.  I can't be lazy just because those two days of the week kill me!

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