18 October 2011

Lots of Exercise Today!

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2292
Calories consumed: 1808
Nutrition: Protein - 22%  Carbs - 48%  Fat - 30% 
Steps: 5,5508
Physical Activity: 39 minutes
Not great, but not terrible.  Obviously my deficit isn't where I want it, but I didn't workout yesterday.  I was exhausted after the weekend and had a bunch of house cleaning to do, but obviously it didn't burn too many calories.
Today, however, is a new day.  I have Rock Star Boot Camp tonight and plus I spent the first half of this morning running around the office moving my desk to a new location and returning things I don't need.  It's been a looooong morning - I've been moving since I got in at 7 am. So that's about 3 hours of steps and "working out" that I would otherwise not get.  I expect that tomorrow morning I'll show a big deficit.

Otherwise, I just need to make some soup this week.  I miss my bean soup - and I don't have any right now. =/  My plan is to do cardio on Wednesday and Friday and then hike on either Saturday or Sunday.  Whichever day I don't hike on I'll take off or go for a walk.  Tonight and Thursday I have boot camps.

Plus, Thursday and Friday I'll be at one of our restaurants taking photographs most of the day.  That will equate to some hard core calories burned for the week! Hopefully I'll be right back on track after my not-so-great weekend and less than stellar Monday.

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