17 October 2011

Good Weekend - Not Exercise-wise

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2193
Calories consumed: 1010
Deficit: 1183
Nutrition: Protein - 16%  Carbs - 59%  Fat - 25% 
Steps: 3,777
Physical Activity: 26 minutes
I did not do great yesterday.  I didn't workout, but at least I didn't eat constantly.  The weekend was good - we managed to get a walk in on Saturday, but because of the Wedding we were constantly driving or sitting.  It was a challenge, but I didn't eat terribly.  I did have a hamburger and some creme brule, though.  It was so worth it.
Tonight I'm headed for some cardio, and I have boot camp's on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Hopefully I can somehow pull the energy out of me - I'm feeling tired today for sure.  Darn Monday's!

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