03 October 2011

Found a New Website & A Problem I Have

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2716
Calories consumed: 1603
Deficit: 1113
Nutrition: Protein - 21%  Carbs - 55%  Fat - 24% 
Steps: 12,709
Physical Activity: 1 hour 32 minutes
I did really well yesterday. I have, however, discovered a problem that I have.  I'll be tired and not feel like working out, and I'll let that feeling control me and win.  I won't workout and then I'll feel guilty about it the rest of the day/week/whatever.

I have discovered a solution, though!  I just ignore it!  No, really!  If I'm feeling tired I just won't workout at that time.  I wait and a half hour or hour or so later I'll be feeling more up to it and get my butt in gear!  It helps, too, that Netflix recently put all the past seasons of the Biggest Loser on instant watch, so I have instant motivation! YEAH! lol

I also found a neat website.  Well, actually, Fitness found it, I just read their magazine.  It's called Healthdeals.com and basically it's like Groupon but for health related things. It's pretty neat.  I signed up for the mailing list so maybe they'll have some good stuff, we'll see.

Anyway, tonight I'm doing another round of strength training (man am I sore from yesterday!) and then tomorrow I have my first personal training session.  Fingers crossed that we actually do some exercise...

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