26 October 2011

Finally - I'm Not Sore!

So last night I did Rock Star Boot Camp and it was TOUGH.  I got my first go at the TRX bands, and I loved them.  By the end of boot camp I was a hot, sweaty mess.  I was also nursing a sore knee.  But it was a really good boot camp, either way.  I did a few stretches there and a bunch more when I got home and this morning, for the first time I can say that I'M NOT SORE!

Sure, my shoulders definitely know they did a lot of work last night, and my legs do, too, but the backs of my thighs aren't sore - which is a big deal considering they have been for the last week or so.

My knee was hurting from the push ups (I do the girly, half style with my knees on the ground) and lunge combo, but this morning it had calmed down.  By tomorrow's boot camp it'll be back to normal.

I've finished reading my book about the Paleo diet, and I've started to implement some of the eating habits.  I'm not going to get rid of my cheese until this weekend, but I'm definitely eating more protein and veggies.  A lot more.

And, surprisingly enough, I'm feeling pretty full.  It's 8.30 already and I'm still full from breakfast - which I ate at 5:45 am.

The only sucky thing is that I still hate getting up in the morning, but I don't expect that will change.  Any time I have to get up before the sun I tend to be less than energetic.

This weekend I'm going to pick up my Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning and then clean out my pantry and organize my fridge, then I'll go grocery shopping.  Sunday my BF will be over and I'm making crock-pot pork loin with cauliflower and zucchini.  It should be interesting!

So, Bountiful Baskets, for those of you who don't know, is a Food CoOp.  You sign up each week on Monday or Tuesday and you pick up your basket the following Saturday.  It's a SUPER good deal.  For 15$ you get roughly 50$ worth of food - half veggie's and half fruits.  It's seasonal, too, which is nice.  Plus you have the option of purchasing other things.  Sometimes they have apples or cherries in bulk or breads etc.  This week I purchased my basket plus the fruit-pack. =D I love fruit!  I freeze it if I have too much so I can use it later.

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