25 October 2011

Decisions, Decisions

It's been an interesting few days.  I've made some big decisions about my fitness and nutrition and life.

First off, my Bodybugg online subscription expires in a few days.  I've decided not to renew.  I pretty much know how my body burns calories now, and which activities will give me a good burn and how much I burn when I'm lazy.  I just need to be more active.  Obsessing over the numbers won't get me anywhere, and plus I want my arm back.

I've rejoined sparkpeople so that I'll have a nutrition tracker.  Its my biggest problem, so I need somewhere to keep myself accountable.

Also along the nutritional lines, I'm going to try something new next month: Paleo.  For the last few months I've been having the sneaky suspicion that I'm mildly gluten intolerant.  I don't want to be, but I think that I am.  I've read a few books about different ways of eating, and I picked up the Paleo Diet recently.  I'm going to give it a shot for a month to see how it works for me.  Who knows, it might.  My sister tried it and it worked for her.

I have my doubts about the program.  No dairy, no legumes, no rice, no bread... but I'm not really into bread, and I don't crave carbs.  I do love cheese and beans, though, so those might be more of a challenge.  But we'll just have to see. I'll give it a month and see how I feel.  I can't say that it doesn't work for me if I don't try it.  And it's not like I'm going to try some fad diet - it's actually very scientific and well reasoned.  It's not cutting out carbs, like Atkins, but it's more about being healthy the way our Paleolithic ancestors were - eating more in the way they ate.

Again I say: we'll see.
So you probably won't see any numbers listed on my blog other than measurements and weight.  I may occasionally write down how much I've eaten, but no more deficit counting.  Obviously it's not helping me.

Boot camp tonight - Rock Star Style, and then Thursday I'll have Katie's Fit Life.  She taught me a few pretzel inspired stretches that I like and I need to go running sometime this week.

I'm getting my Bountiful Basket on Saturday, so no hike, and then I have a Halloween party to attend that night... I'll have to try not to drink - I'd love to go on a hike Sunday morning.  Chances are good that I won't make it through most of the party so that works for me.  I'll go home and pass out so I can hike Sunday morning.  This is prime hiking season - I need to go at least once every weekend.

Other than that I'm just prepping for November! It's next week -- eep!

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