11 October 2011

Bootcamp tonight!

Here are my totals for yesterday:

Calories burned: 2283

Calories consumed: 1235

Deficit: 1048

Nutrition: Protein - 21%  Carbs - 59%  Fat - 20% 

Steps: 4,940

Physical Activity: 34 minutes
so, obviously I didn't workout yesterday.  I was working on my NaNo novel, setting up my document, installing Scrivener etc.  It was a long evening.  I hate that I just sat around the whole time (especially since that's all I do at work) so I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye on that next month when nano is in full swing.
But tonight I have my first Rock Star Boot Camp at 5.30 pm!  I have to get there at 5 to get a parking spot and meet the trainer and warm up and stuff.  I'm excited.  It's going to be a hard workout though, that's for sure!  Hopefully I don't die and I burn a ton of calories - I guess we'll see!

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