19 September 2011

Viva New Program

So my new program is all set up.  I don't think I really mentioned it yesterday. I may have, but briefly.  In my new program, I need to burn 2750 calories per day.  I need to consume 1750 calories per day.  If I follow the rules, that should leave me with a deficit of 1000 calories.  Add that up and you've got a deficit of 7000 calories per week, which should equal out to two pounds per week.

I get that a lot of things can affect weight loss. Salt intake, water retention, having your period, stress... but I'm hoping to overcome those.  At least, most of the time.

I did really well yesterday.  I got up at 6am and did my strength training workout, then immediately walked over to the fitness center and got an hour of cardio in.  I mixed it up, starting off on the elliptical and switching to the treadmill.  Later that afternoon I walked to the park and back.

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2932
Calories consumed: 1665
Deficit: 1267

Nutrition: Protein - 16%  Carbs - 43%  Fat - 41%
Steps: 16,047
Physical Activity: 1 hour 49 minutes

I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished yesterday.  I knew that I had been sitting on my butt (albeit, watching season 11 of the Biggest Loser) so I got up at the end of the day and went for a walk, ensuring that my burn would be more than my required 2750.

My nutrition still has a few bugs. I was 18 grams short on my protein and way over on my fat intake. I had 1 T of organic mayo on my sandwich for lunch and then 1.5 T of organic peanut butter on my PM snack.  I should have had one or the other.  I could have put hummus on my sandwich, but I just wasn't thinking about it.  Gotta make smarter choices.  

My problem with fat intake is this: I really like nuts and cheese. I mean, I REALLY like nuts and cheese. I could eat nuts and cheese with every meal. I've been really good at cutting back on the nuts.  For example, if I put a little bit of walnuts on my salad (I'm big on portion control because of the fat content), then I won't have almonds with my snack later.  I used to put walnuts on my salad and have an apple and almonds for my PM snack. Yeah, they both have good fat, but its still a lot of fat!

So I suppose I need to buckle down on that and really pay attention.  It helps that I try to enter in what I'm eating for the day at breakfast, because then I can see exactly what my totals will be early and make adjustments.  I haven't done that yet, but I'll start, by golly!

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
~ La Rochefoucauld

Even so, I'm still very pleased with my Sunday, the first day of this new program. Speaking of my new program, it will run from yesterday (9/18) until the end of October (10/30).  By the end of the program I need to have lost 12.25 pounds (that's an average of 2 per week), putting me at about 184 pounds.  At the end of the program I'll create a new one that will carry me through November, and then another one for December and so on and so forth.  I really like that I can create these monthly programs, because it makes my goals closer and easier to achieve. 

So far today I'm on point with my nutrition.  I've entered in everything I plan on eating through my PM snack (because I don't figure out dinner until I get home) and I'm at 28g of fat (my goal is 47g).  I'm also at 39g of protein but I need to be at 88g.  I don't have any greek yogurt at home right now, so I can't make my smoothies, which is frustrating because they have a lot of protein.  

Speaking of my smoothies: I can't find the Stonyfield Oikos brand anywhere!  Fry's recently had it on sale in an ad, but when I went to the store they said they didn't carry that brand and that the sale applied to the Dannon Oikos brand.  I showed them the picture in their flier (which very clearly had the Stonyfield product) and they apologized but told me to get the Dannon brand. No thanks.  To this day, my favorite Greek Yogurt is Stonyfield. I effin love that stuff!  But so far, the only place I've found that carries it is Target Marketplace, and I don't live next to one of those anymore. [extreme sad face]

Other than that, I have my "before" picture, but I'm really nervous about putting it up here for all to see.  It took me forever to post my current pics on weight-loss websites, where everyone was going through the same struggles.  But my before picture is from 2009, and I've come a long way since then, so I'll post it... eventually.  I'm not taking current pictures until the beginning of October so maybe around then, eh?

Until next time ~

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