18 September 2011

Sunday Stat-Day (9/18)

Well, that was not what I expected. Not in a good way, either. I was hoping for 190, but expecting 193.  What I got was 197.2


Yeah, to say I'm not happy right now is an understatement.  But I can only control 24 hours at a time.  All that time in the past where I managed to put back on 11.2 pounds... I can't control that - its done.  I can't control the future, but I can control today.

I got up early (6am on a Sunday - GASP!) to do my workout. I haven't started yet (it's a little after 6.30) but I"m going to soon. I needed to set up my new program online.

OK, so here's the plan:
I need to lose 57.2 pounds in 7 months.
~8 pounds per month
~2 pounds per week

Based on that, by my October 30 weigh in, I need to have lost 12.25 pounds and be at 184.9
That's actually not too terrible, considering I was hoping I could hit 180 by the end of October.  Yeah, I get it, that's a huge loss.

My program has me consuming 1750 calories per day, and burning 2750, for a deficit of 1000 calories. Which is what I expected.

What are the base numbers?  Well, I'm going to update my progress page but here they are:
weight: 197.2
waist: 35.5
hips: 46
thigh: 22
calf: 15
upper arm: 13
lower arm: 9.5
body fat: 32.7%

Clearly, I have some work to do.  So, how am I going to do that work?  Well, this week is cardio week.  I like jogging, and I can run a 10k, so I can push myself on the treadmill, but some days I have to switch to the elliptical because of my knee. I try to push myself no matter what I do.
Here's my plan:

Sunday: Burn Baby Burn* + 60 minutes of cardio
Monday: 45 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: Burn Baby Burn* + 30 minutes of cardio
Wednesday: 60 minutes of cardio
Thursday: Burn Baby Burn*, + 30 minutes of cardio
Friday: Off / walk
Saturday: Hike

*Burn Baby Burn is my strength training routine.  It has several moves, including tricep push ups, rows, two types of crunches and some leg work.

Challenge task: Jog 1/2 hour each day

I'm pretty confident that this routine will be a good one.  In order to lose 2 pounds a week, I need to really crack down on my diet, but on top of that, I have to actually put in the time at the gym.  I need 60 - 90 minutes each day of physical activity.  I work in an office and sit at a desk all day, so it has to be 60 - 90 minutes. I'm not getting the calorie burn during the day.

So. That's the weight, the plan for this week, and the short-term goal. 
Deep breath aaaaaaand go.

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