24 September 2011

Saturday Check In

Just a quick check in because I'm super busy today.

Here are my totals for yesterday:

Calories burned: 2471

Calories consumed: 1669


Nutrition: Protein - 20%  Carbs - 49%  Fat - 31%


Physical Activity: 60 minutes
So, my nutrition is getting much better. I don't think I'll hit my 7000 calorie deficit for the week but I'm going to come darn close.
Today I hit the store, picked up a bunch of Greek Yogurt, concord grapes, Asian pears, lettuce, ground turkey, goat cheese, hot sauce and a few other things.  I did my workout, had a turkey-bacon, lettuce and onion sandwich for lunch, and now I'm having some tea.

I'll head over to my boyfriends' place soon, we'll go to dinner (Ceviche) and then tomorrow morning we'll have ourselves a nice, long hike.

Fingers crossed that I've lost at least 1 pound this week, but since I was sick I'm really doubting it.  We'll see, though, we'll see.

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