20 September 2011

Pushing Past Obstacles

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2486
Calories consumed: 1749
Nutrition: Protein - 13%  Carbs - 60%  Fat - 27%
Steps: 9,304
Physical Activity: 1 hour 17 minutes
Not too bad. My total deficit goal for the week is 7000 and so far I'm at 2004.  I was under yesterday by about 250 calories, but I was over the day before by about 250 calories.  I should be at a deficit of 1000 per day, so 2004 for 2 days is about even steven.
And I managed to lower my fat intake a lot. So that's definitely a plus.  Still not there on the protein, though.

I wasn't feeling super great yesterday.  I think seasonal allergies are hitting me hard.  Last spring they were super bad, and this fall isn't looking much better.  My throat is dry, my eyes itch and I get sinus headaches really easily.  

But it's just another obstacle.  I need to push past it.  I went for a 45 minute walk yesterday, because I had 45 minutes of cardio to get in.  It's not what I was hoping for, but it was better than nothing.

Actually I think it might be time to go see a doctor about these seasonal allergies.  Normally I try to stay away from them as much as possible, but this is just plain ridiculous.  Claratin doesn't seem to be helping anymore.  There's one more herbal remedy I want to try before I cave and go see a doc.

Anyway, today is my strength training routine and 30 minutes of cardio.  I will accomplish both, but I may be stuffy and tired because of my allergies. We'll see.  Here's to hoping they aren't too bad today!

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