21 September 2011

I Loathe Being Sick.

No, really.  I hate it.
And I'm sick.  Not deathly sick.  But I'm still sick.  A bunch of people I know have been sick lately and I said I wasn't going to get sick and here I am, sick.

So my numbers yesterday... pretty fail.

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2163
Calories consumed:  1636
Nutrition: Protein - 15%  Carbs - 53%  Fat - 32%
Physical Activity: 22 minutes

Yeah, not me at my best.  I'm at 2531 out of 7000 calories for the week, but that's ok.  I'm only 400 some odd calories shy. I can make that up. The power of positive thinking, right?  I slept most of the day (hence almost zero physical activity and steps) but that's what you're supposed to do when you're sick.

I ate soup, crackers, a grilled cheese and drank OJ.  Yeah, not the best choices, I know. Well, the soup was good. the crackers were too.  But who would have thought one serving of whole wheat crackers and 10 oz of OJ would have 257 calories?  Not me.

Why can't I have the kind of sickness that makes you not want to eat?  I could deal with that.

As it is, my nose is still stuffy, my ears are still ringing, my head still feels vaguely like it might explode from the pressure, there's a vein in my left temple that has been dancing the samba since I woke up, but at least the fever has finally gone.  I feel like uck, and I obviously won't be working out today (especially considering I sweat just sitting here), but I'll get better, and then I'll get back to it.  At least I can get being sick out of the way, right? RIGHT.

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