15 September 2011

F.I.T. Girl, reporting for duty

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  She was active in sports and in life.  She rode her bike everywhere.  Then that girl let life get her down.  Then college took up a lot of time and she slipped some more.  After college, there wasn't time or there wasn't money or it was too hard to be fit.  The girl is still around, but a little lighter. She's started and stopped her journey to becoming fit again several times. She's given up and given in and given it her all.

This girl [points both thumbs at self] is so tired of starting and stopping and not achieving her goals.  So this girl is going to do something about it.

I needed a place to write out my thoughts. To post my achievements, my successes, my failures, my goals.  I've tried many different platforms before, and even if no one reads this, the simple act of typing it out and having a record of these events will help push me forward.  I'm going to try to write every day.  I'm going to post my statistics. My progress photos.  My thoughts and goals.

I may not always make sense.  I may not always have much to say. I'm going to try not to be too complicated or convoluted. Hopefully I'll be a little bit humorous. I don't want to post about my Nanowrimo here, or my work life, or my boyfriend or my cats.  I want to write about fitness. My journey.  My transformation.

I have a few problems. I know this.  They are challenges to overcome.  Sometimes my willpower doesn't win out.  I have a sweet tooth.  I enjoy the process of preparing and eating a delicious meal.  I also enjoy a cocktail every now and again.  If I were to have one of the 7 deadly sins, it would be sloth.  I love Netflix (movies and TV shows alike), The Sims 3 and reading -- these are not active activities. I have a weird knee that doesn't always like the exercise, and it's easy for me to make excuses for it.

But I have many goals.  I've learned, through trial and error, that setting short goals is better for me.  If I look at a monthly calendar and try to plan out my month I'll likely fail at my attempts, because it seems too overwhelming.  So I put together weekly calendars, but I still set monthly goals.  I have long-term goals, too, that I work to achieve every month.  So far, this summer has not been a successful one, but with fall and winter approaching, and spring not too far off after that, I am feeling the pressure and I MUST succeed.

I know about fitness. I know about eating healthy.  I don't know everything (who could?) but I know a lot. I just have to put that knowledge to use.  I have a library of exercises.  I have a bodybugg. I have several recipe books. I have meal plans. I have fitness plans. I have access to equipment, Wii fitness games and I've tried several different activities and classes to see what I like. Weight loss is all about (the right) calories in vs. calories out.  You need to eat the right amount of food, and the right kinds of food.  You need strength training to build muscle which will, in turn, burn more fat, and cardio to increase endurance and torch fat cells.  

I'm not interested in negativity. I'm not writing this to be put down or made fun of or ridiculed. I'm not writing this for anyone but myself. Sure, I'm going to pretend I have a large audience of rapt readers, hanging on my every word, cheering me onwards and applauding my successes (kind of like what I do when I watch the Biggest Loser), but even if no one reads this blog I'm going to do it for me anyway.  So if you have something bad to say, try to exercise some self control and just don't. m'kay?

HERE'S THE THING: My best friend and I are going to Europe in May of 2012. I want to be at or very near my goal weight when we get leave (more on that in my official weigh-in blog this Sunday). So I have... [counts months on fingers] ...7 months to achieve this goal. SEVEN. MONTHS. I haven't "officially" weighed myself in, but let's just assume that I have 50 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight (I know it will be close to that number). 

That's an average of 7.1 pounds per month. 1.8 pounds per week.
1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. 
That means I have to have a deficit of 6,300 calories per week.
7 months.
50 pounds.
aaaaand go!

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