17 September 2011

Checking in

So tomorrow is the big, official weigh in.  Tomorrow morning I will see just how much weight I managed to put back on.

Yeah. Nervous is pretty much the word of the day.

See, previously I had managed to get down to 181 pounds. But then I had a vacation. And then I had an injury.  And then it was summer and it was hot.  And then I got in the habit of it being easier to just...not.

Well, no more. This week has been great.  I've been doing great with my workouts and pretty OK with my eating, so I'd like to start the weigh-in off right.  I'd be thrilled if it was no more than 190. THRILLED.

My guestimate, however, is about 193.  That's what I'm thinking. 193. We'll see, though, right? Positive thoughts. Positive thinking is really so powerful.  I think it's usually taken for granted.

Next week is cardio week. I'll post my plan and stuff tomorrow.  But for tonight, I'm feeling kind of sick and I'm having a hard time sleeping (an hour and a half later and not a wink to speak of). I need to sleep so I can get in my workouts next week, but especially tomorrow, to kick it off right.

But I can only control 24 hours at a time. I just have to keep telling myself that. 24 hours at a time.

Tomorrow, we'll see what the scale brings. For now, I'm going to attempt to sleep some more.

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