23 September 2011

2549 is the Number to Beat

Here are my totals for yesterday:
Calories burned: 2271
Calories consumed: 1236
Nutrition: Protein - 19%  Carbs - 65%  Fat - 16%
Steps: 5,571
Physical Activity: 37 minutes
I'm at 4451 of 7000 calories for the week, which means I have to have a deficit of more than 2549 calories in the next two days to reach my 7000 calories per week goal.

I'm going to try my hardest.  Friday's are technically "off" day's, but since I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday, and yesterday I took it easy because I was still feeling a bit off... well, today I'm going to work out.  And tomorrow I'm going to do something extra.

I don't know what, yet.  I'll have to clean my apartment, so maybe I'll go for a jog in the morning or something.  Hopefully there will be time for a walk in the evening.  Sunday is stat-day but I won't be near my scale during my normal weigh in time, which is unfortunate.  I'll make due.  My numbers just might be weird for a few weeks. haha.

In other news, I purchased a Groupon for a MetaFit pass.  I'm really excited about it.  It's a 400$ value!  For 20$ I get 30 passes to go to a bunch of valley-wide fitness locations.  I can use them up to 10 times at each location (some of them are only 5 times) and there is a wide variety... MMA, kickboxing, yoga, bootcamps... I'm thrilled!  I also get 2 free personal training sessions, a nutrition and wellness plan AND a 100$ gift certificate to use towards a future purchase!  Seriously, it's a super good deal! I'm very pleased with this pass.

Plus, my coworker's bootcamp (Rockstar Bootcamp) is one of the listed participating locations, so I can try hers out 10 times!  And the Groupon doesn't expire until the end of March next year!  Booya!  I'm going to try Yoga and MMA and several different bootcamps, crossfit and I'm going to get 2 personal training sessions at a local gym!

I'm actually pretty excited about the sessions.  The gym is on my way home and it looks like a really great place.  When I perused their website I discovered they have a program called "Commit-To-Fit".  It's basically 3 months of free personal training (twice a week) and nutrition planning if you meet certain requirements (which I do) and blog about your progress and post photos and are committed to being fit.  I think I would be a really great fit for the program, but unfortunately they're not accepting applications for that program - bummer!

That's ok, though. I'm going to get fit without them! Well, mostly.  I'm going to cash in my two free personal training sessions with them.  Probably I'll do one next week or the week after (I want to be plenty healed from my sickness and able to give 100%) and then I'll do another one maybe 3 months or so after that.  I don't want to do them both close together because I'll need another one as my body changes.  If I save one for just after the beginning of the year, all the better!  By then my body will have changed and I'll need different things.

So, today and tomorrow I'm going to work extra hard and try and burn burn burn baby burn as many calories as possible to reach a deficit of 2549 in the next 2 days.  Then Sunday morning I'm hiking with my man -- after my weigh in.
Love, Peace & Elbow Grease!

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